Monday, August 14, 2006

100 Things About Me--because I am self-absorbed

1. I write a column for a newspaper
2. I play French horn
3. I edit a newsletter for an orchestra
4. I like to cook
5. I like to bake cheesecake
6. I like to knit
7. I used to teach knitting classes
8. I like to read
9. I make our Christmas cards by hand
10. I am a quiet member of MENSA
11. I play tenor recorder
12. I used to play trumpet
13. I play piano
14. I have one cat and one dog
15. I have put two cats to sleep and am permanently scarred
16. I was born in Alabama
17. I was raised in Indiana
18. I have lived in Chicago
19. I have lived in New Jersey
20. I have visited Brazil to meet in-laws
21. Because my father-in-law was from Brazil
22. I am married and glad for it
23. I have two daughters and no sons
24. I make the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten
25. I once drove in the UK, which is a big deal for an American
26. I broke my left arm when I was 6
27. I broke my right arm when I was 10
28. I was baptized when I was 9
29. I took horn lessons for six years until my teacher retired
30. Green is currently my favorite color
31. Gray used to be my favorite color
32. I really like cilantro
33. I don't like artificial orange flavoring
34. I once played Monopoly with Jeffrey Nordling
35. I have three older sisters
36. I am a great aunt
37. My father died with Alzheimer's
38. My father-in-law died with Alzheimer's
39. I'm afraid I'll die (or live) with Alzheimer's
40. I used to teach Sunday School
41. I used to sing in a church choir
42. I wear size 9 shoes
43. I have pierced ears--2 on one side, and 3 on the other
44. I used to have shockingly perfect eye-sight but now wear glasses to read
45. I seem to be slightly hearing impaired
46. I used to ride a motorcycle/scooter
47. My husband was in a motorcycle accident
48. We sold my motorcylce/scooter
49. I can't whistle
50. I can't swim underwater
51. I am afraid of water I can't see through
52. I am afraid of spiders!!
53. I am afraid of public speaking
54. I am not afraid of heights
55. I am afraid of enclosed spaces, like underwater
56. My father was a WW2 veteran
57. My father taught me to whittle
58. My mother taught me to sew
59. I don't like to sew and am no good at it
60. I can't grow flowers
61. My friends water my plants
62. I am bad at sports
63. I don't care about being bad at sports
64. My favorite composer is Beethoven
65. Sometimes I prefer Debussy
66. My favorite author is John Steinbeck
67. And sometimes Thomas Hardy
68. I know almost all the lines in It's A Wonderful Life
69. I know almost all the lines in Young Frankenstein
70. I can do a Peter Boyle impression from Young Frankenstein
71. while my sister plays Puttin' On the Ritz on the Piano
72. My father taught me to play poker
73. My father taught me to shoot craps
74. I have forgotten how to shoot craps
75. I honk when people are slow to go at green lights
76. I always use my turn signal
77. My favorite source for clothes is JJill
78. I do not like Amish food or Amish restaurants
79. I live near a lot of Amish restaurants
80. I can flare my nostrils at will
81. I have a lazy eye
82. I once worked as a typist for a manufacturer of bowling ball polishers
83. I once worked at Burger Chef
84. I once worked at McDonald's
85. I once worked at a do-it-yourself picture frame store
86. I was once an insurance agent
87. I once wrote a book of Bible trivia that is still available
88. I went to Bible college for three semesters
89. I never graduated from college
90. My name has been in Communication Arts twice for book cover design
91. I once flew a four-seater plane, although someone else took off and landed
92. I have played the 4th horn part in Beethoven's 9th
93. I bite my nails
94. I voted for Jimmy Carter in my first election--he lost
95. I like martinis
96. Particularly cosmopolitans
97. I prefer white wine over red, dry
98. I LOVE coffee, the stronger the better, black
99. I like extremely dark chocolate
100. I love my family.

Updated 4/16/08


Ms. Mac said...

I love artificial orange flavouring, particularly when combined with extremely dark chocolate!

I confess I had to IMDB Jeffrey Nordling but now I know who he is!

Errr.... the only way I know about Amish food is from that movie with Kirstie Alley and Tim Allen and they served up lung. I hope that's not what you find in Amish restaurants. I didn't even know the Amish had their own cuisine. Well, you learn something new every day!

Rob said...

I'm not actually sure what the main ingredient is in scrapple--but I assume it's an otherwise scrap piece of animal. Mainly, the food is all the same color and texture, and mostly made of starch. Please, God, let them eat something green.

Anonymous said...

oh no, you're not one of those people are you?? #75


Rob said...

I confess: even though I learned to drive in Indiana, I actually "learned" to drive in New Jersey. Honk or die.

Mme Benaut said...

Wow Robyn - I just noticed this and love your list.
I love cats and am also permanently scarred from having to put one down many years ago.
M.B's mother has Alzheimer's and he is afraid of living with it and I am just plain afraid.
I'm afraid of public speaking.
I have a pilot's licence.
I can grow flowers but I can't bake cookies.
We don't have any Amish in Australia that I know of.
I can't play any musical instrument but I love most music and my favourite piece is Concerto d'Arangez by Rodrigo.
I love your blog site.
xx Mme