Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love shoes!

I just ordered these lovely shoes to wear with my ultra-colorful skirt. Earlier this morning, daughter #1 was talking about becoming your stereotypical college student who dresses hippyish--she has the loveliest pair of red Converse All-Stars with just enough tweaking to make them fun.

If she can give in to her age-appropriate stereotype, then so can her Bohemian-wanna-be mother. I have taken to wearing skirts lately because I enjoy them. I enjoy the way they twirl when I spin in the middle of the kitchen (which I sometimes do), and I enjoy the comfort and flare. Daughter #1 and I decided that Converse All-Stars would look just right with my longer skirts.

So, I will look forward to receiving these new plaid friends in a week or so. Yea.

appended post: I am now wondering if my size-nine feet will make these things look like sternwheelers at the bottom of my skirt. Hmm.

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Shannon said...

They look like Simple shoes - the brand. I've been pretty close to buying a pair of Simple Tennys a couple of times now... despite their lack of European soccer shoe chicness.

And I wear skirts all spring and summer - various vivid colors. Much more comfortable than shorts or jeans.