Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is he not lovely? I have been listening to Michael McDonald's Motown CDs in my car while on the 50-GAZILLION TRIPS I make each day between the marching band practice field and the tennis park. It was on one of these 50-GAZILLION TRIPS that daughter #2 discovered "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me." And she believes it would make an ideal marching band number. I wasn't sure, but if you work it around a good sax solo and let the trumpet line carry it after the first verse, it might work.

On a slightly different thought line, I was heading to my favorite place for joe this morning, listening to "Tracks of My Tears" when I saw a car make a u-turn on the main street so they could park heading in the other direction. Then I saw the woman in front of me wag her boney finger at this u-turn driver.

I often wag my not-so-boney finger at people who drive like morons, especially if they're kids because I fancy myself to be the Universal Mother (more on that another time). But after seeing the hideousness of the boney-finger HAG, I don't think I'll ever wag at another moron again.

"People say I'm the life of the party...."


Ms. Mac said...

I'd never even heard of Michael McDonald until a Swiss friend told me about him.

Now he's everywhere!

pianist friend said...

I sent a comment earlier that didn't get posted...Michael McDonald is one of my all-time favorites. I liked him when he was with the Doobie Brothers and even more now. He's going to be at Blossom tomrrow night with Steely Dan. What an awesome concert that will be. I want to go!!