Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh, Mr. Bennett--Behave!

That's the phrase from Pride and Prejudice that led my neighbor-friend to name her new little Bishon Mr. Bennett. I used to think of those dogs as ladies' dogs, lap dogs, prissy dogs. But Mr. Bennett I love, and he loves me--always ready with doggy kisses.

I have been talking him up to visitor Mama, and today we stopped by neighbor-friend's yarn shop to see him, and of course to see neighbor-friend who I love more than dog-friend. I reached out to Mr. Bennett, took him in both arms, and threw my head back so he could give his doggy-butt-licking kisses as he is accustomed to doing. He was all shaky and excited and grunty. What a treat.

But in his excitement, he peed all over my shirt. Not just a little tinkle. I mean ALL OVER my shirt--a big stinking yellow spot the size of a giant baked Idaho potato. Possibly the size of Idaho itself.

Oh, Mr. Bennett, behave.


Daphnewood said...

I thought only girl dogs did that. Wouldn't it be funny if Mr. Bennett was really Mrs. Bennett? I am sure there is no mistake. I just remember having to change my cat's name from Theo to Thea once when I was younger.

Ms. Mac said...

I always love, "Oh Mr Bennett, are we to be murdered in our beds?!?"

I think I need a dog named Mr Bennett now, to make my life complete.