Monday, August 21, 2006

So many books.....

I won't finish the phrase because it's a cliche, and I'm not fond of phrases that can fit on coffee cups (except for the cup I had years ago that said "Listen honey, I say go ahead and wave at those construction workers"). Anyway, there are so many books, but not books I want to read. I want to write them. Here's the short list:

Morons with Microphones: In which people with access to microphones and platforms say moronic things. Sports announcers would have a chapter, as would anchor people on CNN, as would local-station weather men/women, as would unnamed people in small-town-cute who call or write into the local paper with their moronic opinions. Pat Robertson would have a chapter all to himself.

If Spiders Could Fly: In which the main character would face down a paralyzing phobia, sparked by my own absolute paralyzing fear of spiders. Good God, imagine if they could fly?!?!?

Everything Is A Mirror: Not sure what the plot would be here, but daughter #1 said it recently, and it struck me as something with a lot of potential.

Maryann: My already floundering tale, which I WILL write.

Banter Books: not a book to write, but a project to launch. Imagine an audio series in which, let's say the Car Talk boys, read a bestseller. One reads, and the other interjects with various off-handed remarks and questions. Authors of such bestsellers could not take themselves too seriously.

That's the short list.


Ms. Mac said...

I have no idea who the Car Talk boys are but I'm quite intrigued by that idea.

Rob said...

The Car Talk guys are two brothers in Cambridge, Massachusetts with an autobody shop, or two. They have a call-in radio program on public radio that might seem terribly dull on the surface but is actually captivating. People call with questions about their cars and life in general. It's very funny.

adair said...

I am sure you could pull up more information about the Car Talk boys from the national public radio website. I have listened to them for ages and find their comments hilarious and great information -- even though I still have no greater car knowledge than I did at the beginning.

the latest hilarity includes stories where the famous last words were "hey guys, watch this!". I am tempted to call in and tell the story of when I drove a four-wheeler into the side of a house, but now that I know you listen in -- I'll just tell you sometime and refrain from national embarassment!