Friday, August 11, 2006

Suitable Reward

I ordered a mattress set yesterday to replace the sway-backed set that has been moldering in my guest room for at least 15 years. This same set was mine in high school, and I think it crossed the Great Divide some years even before that.

The delivery men were prompt this morning, and while removing my antique collectors of human sediment, they discovered that my original metal frame wasn't suitable for the new pieces. They would have to use one they just happened to have on the truck.

I had no choice but to agree, because what do I know about bed frames. As they were saying good-bye, I asked how much I owed them for the new frame--"not a thing, Ma'am. You didn't give me any crap when you bought the stuff yesterday."

I didn't give him any crap. By that he meant? Evidently he meant that I walked into his store, said I needed a decent set of mattresses--not too cheap, not too expensive--he said "how about this one," and I said, "great, I'll take it."

Lesson learned--don't "give crap," and your reward might be a free bed frame.

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