Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to Believe?

When I was in elementary school, Yost Elementary--a darkish older building beside a raised highway so that I feared that every passing semi was in danger of storming through the guard rail and landing right on the jungle gym--I learned the planets. There were nine. It was concrete. It was certain. It was written in the text book that Mr. Boll swore by as he waved it around with his boney arms in front of the black board.

Now, it's no longer true. It's no longer concrete and certain, and it is about to be removed from the text book (Mr. Boll is most likely long retired).

I am unsettled by this new knowledge. The ground I stand on is trembling from below, and I am inclined to stand braced in the door frame for support. What other "truths" have I been taught that are not so true?

Here are a few I have already uncovered:
1. Black people don't show their age.
2. Children who drink coffee will stunt their growth
3. Pavement turns white when it gets cold in winter
4. Christians who misbehave will live in shacks when they get to heaven
5. If you swallow watermelon seeds, a watermelon will grow in your stomach
6. Eating sugar straight from the little paper package will give you worms
7. Playing cards is from the devil
8. Rock music is from the devil
9. Dancing is from the devil
10. Movies are from the devil
11. Music without words "don't mean nothin' "
12. Men just naturally know how to build things

It seems that nothing is written in concrete, except that God loves me. But I have learned so much more than that in 40-plus years. Now that Pluto has been voted out of my understanding of the solar system, I have to believe that other "facts" may be removed from what I know to be true, and my foundation with have that much less support. Very unsettling indeed.


3rdvalve said...

Rob, I think so many of us are taught to beleieve all of those things. I can identify with you. I enjoy reading your blog it has a calming quality about it.

Rob said...

thank you thank you thank you. I wasn't sure anyone was actually reading.

The next step: to make sure I don't pass on the same misinformed crap (or something similar) to my own kids. Yikes.

3rdvalve said...

I stummbled upon your blog and read some and I for some reason became intrigued.. I guess that's the purpose of us posting a bit of our lives for others to see.

You are right about 3rdvalve - I did play the trumpet but in drum corps the 3rd valve was recently added to the sopranos as there were previously only two. So basicall they are trumpets now and NOT soprano's anymore. It's all good. It is so ironic to meet another Drum Corps fan. I recently went to Madison Wisconsin for the DCI Championships this year... GREAT!!!!

Rob said...

I haven't heard anyone rave about DCI in years. My band-director friends just roll their eyes when I reminisce. My HS band director resigned to become a DCI judge in the early 80s. He was known as Mr. C, actually, so when I first saw your post, I was a little creeped out--he's actually dead. Glad it was you instead of him. ha

3rdvalve said...

I was undecided about what name to use. I think I will keep 3drvalve because sometimes I feel like the third valve in my daily life.Or maybe I could use a 3rd valve when things get overwhelming. You know that little extra push. Plus a horn wouldn't be a horn without it.

What is your horn of choice? Are you a trumpet player as well?

as for DCI.. yeah, a lot of people are calling it marching band these days because of some changes that have gotten Drum Corps away from it's original form. But I think some change is always good as long as it's in a positive direction.I did both marching band and Drum Corps so I like both but my heart of hearts is probably with Drum Corps

Rob said...

For me, "horn" is shorthand for French horn. So to follow your analogy, my "3rd valve" would be the thumb key, that little bit of extra push when the other fingerings aren't enough. I had thought about making my site just about the horn, but gosh, wouldn't that get dull.

I played years ago, and then didn't play for over 20 years. I got a horn as a surprise birthday gift about six years ago and set out to learn as if I were in 5th grade. It was humbling, but the end result (or current result) has become a consuming passion. I'm now playing a Conn 8d, to answer your question of horn of choice.

3rdvalve said...

I knew it!!! I was going to say "fench Horn" I too have recently been trying to find more time to play my horn. A couple of years ago I had the very first trumpet i ever got (which was when i was ten y/o) refurbished. It is very humbling to say the least as I have not plated in as many years as yourself.

Rob said...

well, get those chops going, and play the thing.

There is a certain personality that goes with each instrument, don't you think?