Friday, August 25, 2006

What's True

I'm over the downgrading of Pluto, now that I've had a night's sleep and the privilege of a lifeview-minus-melodrama that comes with morning. But there are a few things I will continue to hold up as concretely true:

1. God loves me, as I've said before.
2. We DO NOT have to become our mothers.
3. The public school system is not from the devil.
4. Spiders ARE from the devil.
5. Fred Astaire was a god.
6. James Stewart was a god.
7. Gene Kelly was a god.
8. Vocations are as valid as occupations.
9. Cookies, coffee, real butter, a little red meat, and good wine (not that zinfandel crap) are part of a healthful and satisfying diet.
10. Gray hair is beautiful.

While this list may not be rich enough for NPR's This I Believe spot, I can see deeper elements of truth in each line--truth about our creator, truth about fears, truth about human achievement, truth about aging, and truth about simply relaxing and enjoying a few basic things in life.

With full confidence in my short list, I'm going to pour myself another cup of black coffee (the best kind), pet my big fat cat, and take out my horn for little Brahms--all part of the "few basic things" to enjoy.


Shannon said...

Thanks for reminding me about the mothers thing. I have been concerned. I would add, despite his homosexuality, I think Rock Hudson was a god.

Rob said...

along with Henry Fonda, Spencer Tracy, Harpo Marx (before you curl your lip, have you seen The Big Store? The scene with the mirrors is memorable). I'll think of some more, I'm sure. I have to make a comprehensive list.

Rob7534 said...

Love your list! Everything in moderation is easier said that done, at least in my case :(