Thursday, September 07, 2006

Food Snob Report

OK, just one more post for today. Since I reported on the delightful dinner we had the other night, it's only fair that I report on tonight's dinner. Gosh, do I ever get tired of being the food source night after frieking night--so this is what we had. I feel so ashamed. I will not picture the actual finished product because it is entirely too unappetizing. Too hideous to look at. Too inedible.


Anonymous said...

isn't it tough and really challenging to be the "food source" night after night??? I have been given that role as well within my family and you really have to be creative sometimes to keep things going.

thanks for sharing as always


adair said...

I have never really trusted anything made by old el paso, with the exception of their salsa, which is quite good. It seems I have this crazy idea that an italian cannot make insta-mexican, and I'd rather just go to Mexico (in adjoinging Small Town).

I will share with you my embarassing experience at Mexico in the hopes of lifting some of the taco-bake-doldrums.

It was the day before my birthday and friends invited me out for Mexico and games. I had the feeling it might possibly be a surprise (which it wasn't) so I dressed up (which I shouldn't have done). It wasn't church/wedding fancy but I had on more make-up than usual and as my mother would say "was quite put together".

Anyway, I digress. When the waiter came, I had the brilliant notion that I could order my meal, if not entirely in Spanish (like my linguistically gifted father who speaks 8 languages), at least by the proper name. It disturbs me when fellow Small Townians point and the menu and grunt "I'll have this 'un." It irks me nearly to the level of hearing the word "yuh'ns". So I ordered La Mejor. La-May-hore. The waiter stared. I repeated it again. LA-MAY-HOR. When his eyes widened even father and kept drifting south of the border, it dawned on me that he thought I was saying "I'm a whore."

In mortification, I pointed at the menu and said, "I'll have this 'un." Oh the horror.

Rob said...

Adair, that's a classic! Was this El San Jose or Camesino's? Either way.

Rich, I was branded with the term "food source" years ago, and I can't seem to shake it. I'm afraid it will be on my tombstone--"dearly departed. now we'll starve."