Sunday, September 10, 2006

Part A

The American Film Institute has put together a list of the 25 Greatest American Musicals. I'm not sure I agree with the order, especially the placement of West Side Story (I'm not even sure that would be on my list at all). But I would like to point out that my man Fred has made a pretty good showing. "Holiday Inn" didn't make the list, which doesn't surprise me, but you can't say that his Fourth of July "impromptu" bit wasn't one of the best dance scenes on screen. What a guy.

Part B

While watching just a tiny little bit of the OSU/Texas game last night, I saw a Nike commercial--a football player is shown as being an absolute moron in school, but he is a star on the field. The tag line--football is everything. Did I miss something? Did I miss an adult telling the kid that football may feel like everything on Friday night, but it really isn't? That football is just a frieking game and that education is what will really mold his future? That five years from now, no one will even remember his name much less remember how well he played in the 12th grade? That five years from now, if he doesn't learn quickly that football is not everything, that he'll be the pathetic guy in front of the TV interrupting every game to tell everyone in the room about his play-by-play accomplishments back when he was 17? There must have a been a fine print tag line at the end of the commercial that I missed. Nike should know better.

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Anonymous said...

you wrote:
"Nike should know better"

That's the problem, Nike, just like the rest of corporate America is trying to, let's face it... succeeding to sell The youth of this country a bill of goods that has no morals at all... the bottom line is GREED and profits at any cost. Shame on them all.