Sunday, September 03, 2006

Regular-Guy(girl) Review

We camped out at the lake house last night, played Monopoly in which I triumphed as a heartless land baron, and then settled in to watch Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. I have always been drawn to Albert Brooks--Defending Your Life, Lost in America, Broadcast News.

He played himself in this film, as I believe he does in all films, which is his charm. Initially, I was disappointed that the film wasn't filled with Brooks jokes and quick banter, but once I realized what this was actually about, I adjusted my expectations.

I read a regular-guy review on IMDB, in which the regular guy thought it was a crappy movie because it wasn't very funny. It was funny in a string-along Brooks kind of way, but mostly it was a Brooks kind of statement about how Americans don't understand the rest of the world--Fred Thompson says in the beginning, "we don't understand the Chinese, Africans, or Muslims," the three largest population groups on the planet.

In my regular-guy(girl) opinion, the best line is, although I'm slightly misquoting: OK, shit jokes don't work in India.

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