Monday, November 27, 2006

The Xylophonist

This was a film created by my niece and her husband (Michelle and Erik). I just thought I'd post it here because it's brilliant, and they're brilliant, and I enjoyed their company at Thanksgiving.


dive said...

Oh, Robyn, that is so brilliant!
Hoorah for Michelle and Erik.
I watched, fascinated … until "the laugh" …
From that moment on I have had the biggest cheesy grin on my face.
You are right. They are absolutely brilliant.
I'm now off to bed, still grinning.
Thank you.

Sassy Sundry said...

Shoot, that is hilarious.

I am a xylophonist. I think I'm going to tell people that from now on. AND I'm going to totally copy the Eastern European dance moves, as they are fan-effing-tastic.

RICH said...

Thanks for sharing this Robyn, I liked it very much. Truly brilliant!!

Anna Bananna said...

So funny!!! I had to post it in my blog! People will love it! Thanks!