Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Sentences

Gina at Just Another Day listed the first sentence of the first post of each month for 2006, so given the approaching end of the year, I thought this would be a good time to follow suit. It serves as an interesting little exercise, maybe a snippet of what is important to each of us. I have only been writing since August, and three of the five sentences are about movies. I'm not going to make too much of that because I write about a million different things that pop into my little head. Here is my list:

(Aug) Here's my first entry to my very first blog.

(Sept) A small tribute to Glenn Ford.

(Oct) When George Bailey was a kid and working for Mr. Gower, he strapped on his apron, scooped up some chocolate ice cream for Mary, and at hearing she didn't like coconut, was piqued.

(Nov) I think Ferris Bueller's Day Off is an American classic.

(Dec) Last night, my family discussed the meaning of "home."


dive said...

Oops! I just checked mine and the first one's a bit sweary, so I'll sit this one out, Robyn.
Nice idea, though.
It gives me an incentive to re-read people's archives.

Sassy Sundry said...

Here are mine:

(Aug) So.
(Sept) It’s that time of year again.
(Oct)Fluff went to the What the Fluff? Festival in Union Square, Somerville, this weekend.
(Nov)As a lover of all things kitsch, I thought that I would take a moment to mark the passing of the plastic pink flamingo, made by Union Plastics right here in Massachusetts.
(Dec)I mentioned a while back that I had rejoined the wonderful world of online dating.

dive said...

That's a bit scary …

Robyn said...

Dive, sweary is OK, don't you think? Think of the context.

Sassy, I think these are great. The flow of the thought from one to the other makes an interesting story in itself. Did we start blogging at the same time?

Sassy Sundry said...

I think we did. I can't remember the exact date, but I did start in August.

I thought they went together rather well myself.

Gina said...

It's fun to go back a bit, isn't it?

JanieBelle said...

Hi Robyn!

Yours have a neat little theme going on, and so do Sassy's!

Here are mine. Mine seem to have a rather self-centered theme. I think I'm a bit embarrassed.


Also, as an aside, I've been meaning to tell my readers about Maryann, but kept forgetting.

I finally remembered and posted about it here.

Now I've got to thinking that I really should have asked you first about using the image of the book cover to do that, Robyn.

I should not have assumed it would be OK. I've removed the image from the post unless/until you say that's ok.

Sorry, I was excited and not thinking.

dive said...

A very frunk NaDruBloDa blogger writes:
Okay, here we go.
It seems you and Sassy and me were all August blog-babies, Robyn.
Here's my five first lines:

August, 2006:
This was going to be a big, sweary, ranty blog, railing against a world headed full tilt down the shitter, with no driver and no brakes.
September, 2006:
We are sitting eating lobster in a Portuguese square.
October, 2006:
I'm really none too keen on all this "time going forward" malarkey.
November, 2006:
December, 2006:
Sassy's comment to yesterday's post ("Nice legs, Dive") got me thinking …
(a) Yes, I do have nice legs and,
(b) Taking quotes out of context is fun.

Read into them what you will …

dive said...

Did I really just type "frunk"?

Must be frunker than I thought …

Robyn said...

JanieBelle, I have commented on your site.

Dive, Yes, you did type "frunk" which was pretty darn funny. You have coined a new word, I believe. Interesting, isn't it, that we all started at the same time and independently. I don't know why it's interesting--just is.

JanieBelle said...

Hi Robyn! Just saw it. Thanks, it's back up now, on my blog and Kate's too!

Dive, I believe you're frunker than you drink you am!

Sassy Sundry said...

I think I'm going to say "frunk" for "drunk" from now on.

Old Knudsen said...

You all talk about me when I'm not paying attention but I started in August too.

destiny, fate or something more sinister?
I'd put my sentences up but i don't have no sentence structure as that is for the weak.

dive said...

This is getting scary.
What happened back in August?
Was the Earth bathed in alien radioactive blog-rays?
Did the CIA put something into the water … again?
Watch the skies, people, watch the skies …

Sassy Sundry said...

It totally could have been a CIA plot, but I blame my coworker and friend James. I had sent around this Non Sequitur comic to my friends, featuring Danae complaining that no one was doing anything interesting for her to write about in her blog. I said, "I can relate," meaning that no one was doing anything interesting. James replied, "So, do you have a blog?" That got me thinking.

Obviously, it was grand timing. Robyn, Dive, and Knudsen. And me. What a strange and wonderful crew of late-blooming bloggers.