Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gift List

On a lighter note than the previous post, here is what I got for Christmas (after reading the list over at The Other Girl's, it doesn't compare--but I am happy).

A calendar of kitties because when I start working at the office instead of home, I will miss my cats.

A big purse-like bag for traveling. I'm not much of a purse person and usually like to carry something small. But my daughters know that when I travel, I like to have a larger bag with room for a cell phone and a book and a camera, and maybe even an umbrella.

Two boxes of blank notes with a personalized stamp from my niece-in-law. The notes have a blank space on the outside for the stamp. (my family draws names each year, so we only exchange gifts with one adult).

A contribution to World Vision from my mother, specifically a a contribution to an educational program.

A bottle of chardonnay from my neighbor friend.


Sassy Sundry said...

Drink the wine; write the notes. Sounds perfect.

Gina said...

Sounds wonderful! Smart of you guys to draw names.

dive said...

Yup, that's an excellent idea.
The bag sounds good. All the women I know have these silly little clutch bags you couldn't squeeze a mouse into, then handbags which are hardly more practical, but then they've all got "the mother ship", the BIG bag you can park a car in.
Enjoy your "mother ship", robyn.

Robyn said...

Drawing names is really the only way to handle a growing family--otherwise buying gifts for everyone becomes a chore instead of a treat, and it gets unnecessarily expensive. When we draw names and exchange fewer gifts, the event becomes about spending time together instead of stuff.

Dive, I like the phrase "mother ship." That's what it will be from here on.