Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Ludwig Van Beethoven, born in 1770.


kim said...

What an awesome drawing. Did you do that, Robyn?

dive said...

Eek! I'd forgotten!
Thanks for the reminder, Robyn; Peanuts isn't syndicated in the Guardian so I've not had Schröder marching up and down with placards counting down the days.

The "Pastoral" is blaring through the house at the moment. I'll put the 9th on later and do the obligatory karaoke "Ode to Joy".
Happy birthday, Ludwig.

Robyn said...

I did not draw this, althought it would be nice to have that talent.

The 9th is a pounding wonder. When we performed this last year I was seated as 4th horn, so it fell to me to play the extended solo in the adagio (3 movement), and it was the highlight of my short career. I'm sure I have mentioned this here before and will mention it again.

dive said...


Sassy Sundry said...

A fifth for Beethoven's birthday. I feel the disco vibe now.

That is a great picture. I'm with Kim.

RICH said...

Roll over Bethoven!!!