Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Dive has assigned a task--to post pictures of childhood. Most of mine are at my mother's house in Georgia, so I have a limited selection to post. Here is what I've got with links to previous photos:

This is an igloo my father built in our front yard in the Big Snow of '67. Northwest Indiana along the lake shore (that's Lake Michigan) is known for being pummeled with lake effect snow, and it isn't unusual to get a 12-inch snow fall in one storm. But in the Big Snow, we got something close to two feet. You can see in the photo that it nearly reached the window ledges, and the drifting was even higher. The region was shut down for days--this is the storm that trapped me at my baby sitter's house for three days because my parents couldn't get through the country roads. I briefly wrote about that here in a tribute to my neighbor friend. This is a picture of me at the baby sitter's house before winter.

My father built the igloo, and when I finally got home, I put a rug in it and laid down. This is me with my sisters on Sunday morning in the spring of the following year. I'm in the front with an armload of stuffed animals. I'm holding Judy, some odd little squirrels or something, and a huge cat I barely remember. He kind of looks like Booboo Kitty from Laverne & Shirley. Somewhere there is a picture of each sister holding an animal--I recall they weren't happy about it, but they indulged me.


dive said...

Woohoo! Scout is back!
And how CUTE you are, Robyn.

That igloo is fantastic! Now I really want to have some proper snow over the hols so I can build one (I'll have to scour the neighbourhood to procure a child to put in it though).

You certainly know how to make the Grinch go away.

Sassy Sundry said...

You are so cute, Robyn.

I have a picture at home of me standing up on a snowbank that was level with the roofline of our house in 1978. I'll have to find it when I'm home.

RICH said...

I think all my childhood photo's were burned by my parents. :>)

Anyway, I like you phots.. the igloo is so cool I remember making them when i was a kid. Mad only a couple for my kids seems we don't get as much snow here in New England as we used to. Damn Al Gore and his global warming scam.

RICH said...

BTW my sisters look just like yours back then all girls looked the same. I was a middle child and I guess I got lost in the shuffle.

Gina said...

Awesome igloo.

I wonder sometimes that my son will have no snow-filled memories.

Great pictures!