Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Tree, As Promised

It's a day-time shot, which is less appealing than an evening shot. Sorry about that.

Here's a closeup of the angel showing the instrument she plays when no one is looking.
It's a horn (in case you can't tell from this angle).


dive said...

That's a beautiful tree, Robyn.
And the angel playing the horn is just a brilliant touch!

You Colonial folks seem to "do" Christmas far better than us Brits. Over here, it's very tacky and commercialised, just pre-packaged tat with no sense of joy or wonder any more.
Your tree reminds me of what I used to dream Christmas was about when I was a kid. Wonderful.

Robyn said...

There is plenty of commercialism and tackyness in the States--I just try to avoid it.

I went to a craft supply store the other day to buy envelopes for my Christmas cards (it's a dying tradition, but I still make them and mail them to all our friends). Anyway, I was struck by the amount of pure crap that was passing for Christmas decor. Ick.

Robyn said...

OH, and thank you for complimenting the tree. It's full of all kinds of ornaments, some of which I made years ago when we couldn't afford to buy them. They're lovely (smirk), but they will always have a place on the tree.

dive said...

Hee hee.
"Ick" is the most eloquent statement I've yet heard about the curret, faddy styles of Christmas Decoration.

If there were more people like you around at Christmas, it might bring some of us Scroogey curmudgeons back from the Christmas-Free Zone that commercial tat has driven us into.

dive said...

Sorry … Good word, though. Maybe I'll make a carrot curry later to give it meaning.

Rhea said...

I thought that angel was playing a soprano sax. Thanks for straightening me out. Pretty tree, too!

Robyn said...

Dive: start your own non-icky Christmas trend there in the mother land, at least for your own sake.

Rhea: I hadn't even thought it might be seen as a sax. The shot was such a bad angle because the thing is so high up.

Gina said...

Very pretty! I have been toying with the use of a pearl garland for mine, but I'm not sure it goes with my stuff.