Monday, January 29, 2007

Smelly Wax

I hosted a candle party yesterday. In all my years, I have never hosted any retail party and never wanted to. I don't mind attending the occasional Pampered Chef get together, although I think the food can be schlocky, and I don't mind the occasional Taste of Home party or jewelry party. But I have never been even remotely interested in hosting one myself.

Last fall, a friend hosted a candle party, and I went just to see why people would go out of their way to buy candles. It was kind of fun, so I unsuspectingly sat down at the table to place an order. The next thing I know, I'm signed up to host a gathering, and there you go. Be careful where you sit.

It's not that I don't want to invite people to my house, and it's not that I don't want to make snacky things for them to munch on--I thoroughly enjoy both of those things. It's just that I can't stand sitting by the phone waiting for RSVPs. I invited 28 people, and by Saturday, I had only heard from about 10 of them. I called my good friend/neighbor and begged--"I need you to come to my party. It won't be complete without you." I knew I could say those needy and pathetic lines to her because she is as socially feeble and frightened and apprehensive as I am. We both think no one would want to come our stupid little candle parties, and we both think no one would invite us to one of theirs unless they felt pity on our sorry asses. It's sad, really, because we're lovely people.

So, close to 12 people showed up, and we sat around and smelled wax. Then we ate chocolate tart, berry trifle, and lime bars all washed down with fruited peach tea. Then I got some free stuff, and everyone went home. It was lovely, but the stress will remind me not to sign up the next time I sit down to buy a trinket.


dive said...

"So, close to 12 people showed up, and we sat around and smelled wax."
Hee hee.
Much as I'd love to have come and bumped up the numbers, Robyn, I'd have been pretty useless at your party; being anosmic, I'd have only been able to sit around and "feel" wax.
The food sounds great, though.

Sassy Sundry said...

Stay away from that kind of *party* scene. Before you know it, you'll be roped into hosting all kinds of parties.

RICH said...

candles don't do much for... but a "Victoria secret" party might make me wanna show up to look around a bit. ;)

Ms Mac said...

I enjoy those parties, I actually enjoy them. I love Tupperware and seeing all the brilliant things you can do with it and in Australia you can attend lots of diverse party plans thingies.

However, I hate hosting them myself. It's like begging from start to finish. Even before you sign up to host you're begging your friends, "If I have one of these parties, will you come? Pleeeeease?" and then you tell them there's no obligation to buy but you feel as though their attendance is somehow begging them to purchase something so you can get freebies in return. And then, when you have to collect the cash for the delivery and your friends start giving excuses or avoiding you, it all goes down the pan.

Sound familiar? I'll bet Party Plan is the same the world over!

Gina said...

I feel weird hosting a party in which I want, no, expect people to spend money. To me, they just don't go together. I hate going to them as well. And really, I'm not antisocial at all!

The food sounds delicious, though!

lynn said...

I loathe the things. God save me from them. Last one i went to i enjoyed some people's company but the demo (cooking) was god awful. I bought a pizza cutter in desperation so i would be allowed home. My friend tried to drop me in it saying how ideal my kitchen would be for a party. I scowled, pinched her thigh (we were squashed together classroom style crossed legged on the floor eating the plasticine masquerading as food she'd cooked, you know the sort of thing from hell) and said no because i was ... (blurt) having the kitchen refitted. I live in a new house for Christ's sake and it just slipped out of my mouth. In the end, after much stuttering, i said actually i'm sorry, no really i'm not that sorry but i just don't want one. End of story. Thanks but no. Silence. Then the demo lady smiled sweetly and went on to attack the next in the circle. I was then virtually ignored by all but my side-split giggling friend.

sister # one said...

Honey they don't invite you because of your social graces. You are on the guest list because you will spend money - or because your best friend hosting the party desparately needs your support. I have a standard line to get around the whole deal - "Sorry, I can't come, but just send me a catalog and I will be glad to order something." That way you can support your friend and avoid the whole tacky demonstration, guilt, smelly, touchy, tasty mess.

Robyn said...

Dive, I forgot about your anosmic issue. Flames are fascinating to watch, watching water.

Sassy, I know, I know. I'm not sure what happened, but now I can say I have hosted one stinking party.

Rich, I'm not surprised. Go to the mall.

Ms. Mac, I have to admit I enjoyed to too. Not all of my friends could make it, but I enjoy the company of everyone who made it. And I like feeding people, and I don't mind a few free candles when it's all over.

Gina, I was joking around with a friend about that, feeling like I shoudl apologize for asking them to buy stuff. But they know why they're there, don't they?

Lynn, I know what you mean about the food. I usually buy corn on the cob holders, the cheapest thing in the catalog.

Sister #1, tacky is the word for some of those things, although the candle lady brought some nice stuff along. Her company isn't tacky.

Sassy Sundry said...

Hee hee. You hosted a "stinking" wax party.