Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snow Day M Words

1: The Misanthropic.
(Name something you absolutely hate).
Rap--the noise, the clothes, the objectivity of women, the women who enable it, the morons who play it at inhuman decible levels from their stupid cars

2: The Meretricious:
(Expose someone or something that's phony, fraudulent or bogus).
I'm thinking Joel Osteen, pastor and author, although it's not for me to say.

3: The Malcontent:
(Name something you're unhappy with).
The shredded wallpaper on my bathroom walls. Removing it is an ugly job. Also, those pesky 20 pounds--I like wine and chocolate, just a little. Oh, and I don't like exercise.

4: The Meritorious.
(Give someone credit for something and name it if you can).
My friend Carolyn had a vision--to start her own business. And she has built a lovely yarn shop that is a jewel in our town. She's a trooper.

5: The Mirror.
(See something good about yourself and name it).
When I am determined to do something, not much can stop me--like learning to play the horn beyond the typical age of learning an instrument, or like finishing a novel, even if it never makes it beyond a blog.

6: The Make-Believe:
(Name something you wish for).
Currently, I'm obsessed with my novel, so having it published is at the top of the list. I also wish for a permanent seat in the orchestra--2nd would be fine. Oh, and world peace.


Sassy Sundry said...

Way to expose! And I admire your determination.

Those are great answers. I'm doing Vic's tag from last week, so I'll post on this sometime soon.

dive said...

You're on the ball this morning, Robyn.
Excellent answers.
No.2: Well, if it isn't for you to say, I'll say it (I just looked the guy up): What a jerk-off snake-oil merchant! He'd be laughable if it wasn't for the tragedy of sad people taking his crap seriously.

I'm with you all the way on the rest … especially the twenty pounds of wine and chocolate … Mmmm …

Gaijin Girl said...

hi robyn, hehe, your determination does indeed come through, which is just fab. have you thought about self-publishing? (sorry, i'm a newbie to yer site and not sure if you've talked about it in an old post). here's one site i know of. i don't know anyone who has done it yet, so i guess i can't vouch for it, but it could be worth looking into? i'm trying to print out your novel at work when the Clown's not shuffling about behind me, and then i'll get stuck in. oh, and i'll vote tomorrow as i'll read chapter one before bed tonight.

i am so with you on number one of this post!

lynn said...

Ooh with you on the choc though one glass of wine's enough for me. How about featuring your friend's lovely shop on here. Maybe she does mail order, or could add that feature to her business.

Come on over to my blog and do one or two of these (my Things UK blog). See you there and good luck with the novel!

Gina said...

Ahhhh, the people who play their rap music on their car stereos for all to hear. Hate it.

fracas said...

Hi! I see The Monday Melee is making rounds already! Awesome.

I'm adding you (with a link to your Melee post) to The Monday Melee main list of participants, since it's a connecting of the bloggers rather than a meme. Would you mind throwing in a link back to The Monday Melee main page?

It's here:


Many thanks!