Friday, January 26, 2007

The World Would Be Much Nicer If _______

We would all agree the world would be much nicer if we did not include selfishness and arrogance in our list of character traits. The "I am right and you are wrong" world view inevitably leads to global death and destruction. At the very least, it leads to an impasse in communication. But I like to think on a smaller scale, as you may have noticed, so I will now fill in the blank with things that are closer to home.

The world would be much nicer if___________:

...we didn't think women needed to be thin to be attractive. Or for that matter, we wouldn't think that women needed to be attractive at all. That way, we could all enjoy an occasional piece of cake and plenty of wine without feeling as though we were overindulging and doing something very very bad.

...I could have fluffy lemon pancakes every morning for breakfast without having to buy bigger clothes.

...we didn't make so many gender distinctions, so people could be people first and do their jobs and live day by day without having to jump through unnecessary hoops. And no one would ever have to cover their heads unless they really wanted to, and wives would never have to walk four steps behind husbands, unless they really wanted to. (I live near Amish world)

...we didn't get so worked up about money and being concerned with how much our neighbors earn and judging them for making too much or too little.

...the arts were as emphasized as math and science in school.

...there weren't quite so many rules governing our activities all day long, and the people in charge of enforcing them could be a little flexible. They could use phrases like "don't worry about it" and "go have yourself a nice day anyway," or "you're driving a little too fast. But that's OK. Try to watch out for the other drivers because the rules are really meant for them and not for you anyway," instead of "you're late to class. Here's a detention," or "you're late with your payment. Here's a penalty," or "you're driving a little too fast. Here's a ticket."

...parents never had to bury their children.

...appliances were made to last a life time instead of five or six years. Planned obsolescence would not be part of the manufacturing equation.

...we could each have three wishes granted in a life time, a chance to really dream big and make them count for something, and no fair wishing for more wishes.

Fill in the blank for yourself, and see what kind world you would create.


dive said...

The world would be much nicer if …
… there were no people in it.

Sorry, Robyn, but it's true.

Robyn said...

It all boils down to that, doesn't it? But here we are. I have heard that phrase so many times--work would be nicer if it weren't for all the people, church would be nicer if it weren't for all the people, school.... another blank to fill in. Ha.

dive said...

Hokay, let's tone it down:

The World would be much nicer if:
- My trains ran on time;
- Chocolate was REALLY healthy and non-fattening;
- I could get a date.
I could go on (and on), but that should be enough to make me happy.

Robyn said...

Some good and simple choices there. I thought chocolate was healthy, in moderation, like cake.

dive said...

Chocolate? Moderation???

That's me. Good and Simple.

RICH said...

The world would be much nicer if..
if people were not so selfish and competitive or feel forced to be that way.

Robyn said...

Rich, I almost included competition in my list, but healthy competition is a good incentive. It's when it gets ugly and ruthless that it recks things--part of the "everything in moderation" plan I guess.

lynn said...

Who would be here to appreciate it Dive?

...if...some people weren't rude and ready for a fight.
...if...there was no religion. It's responsible for most wars and strife.
...if ... people weren't so self centred
...if...everyone was trustworthy
....if...Blair and Bush resigned and skipped, holding hands, happily off to a desert island life together.
...if... i could get my book published. Well i threw that one in quite selfishly. Why not? Everyone else is.

Robyn said...

Lynn, I almost included the wish about getting my own book published, too. It's no more selfish than wanting to eat pancakes, I suppose, or in Dive's case, chocolate.

Sassy Sundry said...

Hmmm.... I'll think about it.

I like your answers. I like fluffy lemon pancakes.

Ms Mac said...

Whe world would be much nicer if it wasn't warming up at an alarming rate.

dive said...

Nobody, Lynn.
"A sunset or a waterfall doesn't need some dickwad looking at it to be beautiful."

Old Knudsen said...

Hey Sassy hows that Global warming working out for you?

The world isn't supposed to be nice, its God's test, a shitty life and a reward when you die, sounds like those scam e-mails I get, people believe those too.
I agree with Dive .

I met a blogger once that wasn't writing a book, I killed them.

Sassy Sundry said...

Normally it's just cold this time of year, Knudsen. We don't get 75-plus days and then 5 below days a week later. Global warming sucks.