Monday, February 26, 2007

Floater No More

Well, here we go. This is my last day to be a floater--in case you don't recall my post a while ago about floating, here is what I mean. Beginning tomorrow, I will be working in an office from 8 to 2 four days a week, leaving Mondays free for horn lessons.

I will have a desk that won't have stacks of handmade paper and valve oil and a metronome. I will have book shelves with actual books instead of stacks of horn music and a big plastic box of old family photos, and I will have company-issue rules and staplers and note pads. I will have occasional meetings (which as a rule should never last more than 20 minutes and should all be stand-up). I will have office neighbors who will not appreciate a horn solo at 1:30 in the afternoon. Nor will they appreciate a glass-shattering belch after a quickly guzzled diet-Pepsi. It's a pity.

I will not have Turner Classic Movies in the background playing classics like The Thin Man. I will not have my cat Mike sleeping on the floor just to the right of my chair. I will not have my cat Mike jumping excitedly up onto my desk every time the printer spits out a piece of paper. I will not have friends calling, asking if I can take a break and meet them for coffee at my favorite place for joe. I will not be able to kick off my shoes.

I'll let you all know how it goes with my feet firmly planted in place, not being allowed to float as is their bent. I'll have to pack all that mish mash and wandering spiritedness into Mondays, I suppose. But I gotta tell ya, you can take the girl out of the float, but you can never take the float out of the girl.


Anonymous said...

Aagghhhhhhhhhhhh! What about lunch?? Poor more daytime snuggling! Boo hoo.
Pianist friend

dive said...

That's rotten news, Robyn.
Keep floating, girl.

lynn said...

Think i'll leave it to you then Dive to delicately point out the UK meaning of a 'floater'. Good luck with that then.

Rich said...

I thought a "floater" was small grey spot I can see in my eye.

Anyway, good luck with the ole office routine. I'll be thinkin of you.

There's something to be said for that list of "no more's" - it sounded rather sad.

Gina said...

Good luck, Robyn! I hope the adjustment isn't too traumatic!

Lizard said...

Good luck with that whole structure thing. Did you know that The Thin Man is one of my all time favorites?

dive said...

Lynn; I'm sure I don't know WHAT you mean!
Weren't the Floaters a soul band? They had that screamingly-funny-it-was-so-bad
hit "Float On."
("My name is Laaaaary … and I luuurve ALL the weemen in the world … etc.")

Rich said...

BTW robyn you will now have to post a photo of your new office digs/cave

Sassy Sundry said...

Ick. Sorry to hear that.

dive said...

Rich is right.
We want the photos of your new prison so we can use them to free you under Human Rights legislation.

lynn said...

lol s'funny Dive, it's gone clean out of my mind now too.

Yes Rich i have those blasted floaters in my eye too. Annoying at first, i have got used to them. Although it interesting...if i could...only see them stay still. Every time i focus on them...they MOVE !!! Arrrggh.

Robyn said...

Pianist Friend--our regular lunch is a casualty for now at least. Unless you can all travel to Xville. We'll work something out sometime, I'm sure.

Lynn, eww. I figured it out. It kind of means the same thing in the US, but in this context it's something else entirely.

Rich, it is sad, isn't it. It would be less of if I could take my cat along, but I suppose that would never work, especially if you consider the litter box.I will post pictures when I can.

Gina, adjustment is the word.

Lizard, isn't that a great series? I love The Thin Man movies and Astor the dog.

Me too, Sassy. Me too.

Dive, I'm afraid my office would not serve as reason for freedom through legislation. It's actually pretty nice.