Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Jimmy Durante


dive said...

Heh heh. Happy Birthday to the Schnoz.

Ame said...

What a nose! How old would he have been Robyn? I can hear him saying that Ha-cha-chaaaaaaa now! And how's your Saturday shaping up? Anything good cookin?

Why am I longing for that warm, cinnamon-apple smell that wafts from kitchens across the globe...probably cuz it's not wafting from MINE! LOL! ;)

Better light a candle...that'll do!

Robyn said...

Ame, the Schnoz was born 1893--numbers give me agita, so I'll to count that out on my fingers. 114? Something like that.

No cooking today--unless you count a ham and cheese wrap on a sun-dried tomato tortilla with lettuce and mayo cooking. Sorry, if my kitchen smells like anything, it's coffee.

lynn said...


Dear Prudence said...

Ink-a-dink-a doo! I actually burned that on a CD for my Dad's Christmas present last year. That and Maurice Chevaliers, Thank Heaven for Little Girls.