Friday, April 18, 2008

Art Day

You know it must be Friday because I'm showing more paintings. While I was reading up on the pines of Rome, I was intrigued by the shapes of the trees. They're more like umbrellas because of the way they are groomed as they grow—canopy trees—and they are often found growing near cypress trees. So, I set out to figure out how to paint them. I started small.

Then I worked a little bigger.

Then I worked even bigger, but this one was a bust. After it dried, I painted over it in white and started over. The second attempt was better but still not good, so I glued stuff on as a way to salvage it. I scanned in the first page of my Pines of Rome horn music and printed it on textured paper. Then I ripped the paper in strips and laid them out with wire, beads, bits of rusted window screen material, and a tiny horn charm (useless points for you if you can spot it). And I varnished the whole thing. I kind of like it. What do you think? (click on it for a bigger view).


savannah said...

lower left corner on the sheet music!

i like the mixed media idea of the larger piece. everything and anything about the trees. it's as if, everything you thought about as you were painting appeared on the canvas.

or is that just me, sugar? ;-)

dive said...

Rats! Beaten to the useless points by Savannah the early riser.
The little painting looks so cute beside the big one, Robyn.
I love collage; I remember your wonderful altered books from a while back. And the Pines of Rome score on the painting of the pines of Rome is such a good idea.
Excellent and fun.

lynn said...

Robyn? You're in the wrong job. Start selling immediately. This last one is great. I like the first one too, it's good to see that you are mixing on canvas and not bothering to wash your brush between shades. The texture is interesting. The mixed media approach works very well and, i think, sells well. Go for it!

Scout said...

Savannah, good spotting. I do tend to emote.

Dive, I had the altered book in mind when I attacked the painting. It really was fun.

Lynn, wow, thanks! I don't wash my brush between colors usually, but I do tend to wipe it off on paper towels when it gets out of hand. I am learning to only lightly mix, although I often do that on a pallet. I'm not wild about flat colors.

Mrs. G. said...

I think it is beautiful. I like the colors and texture. And I have a special affection for tiny paintings.

Shan said...

I like all the chunkiness of the big one and it seems quite original as well. But there's nothing that gets me more than a tiny painting. I just want to pinch those little trees and their little tiny sky! Squee.....cutie! I just think a whole wall of wee little painted canvases would look so great together! :D

Rich said...

I like how you added the torn sheet music and splashes of black to the bottom one. Good job Robyn!!!

Cheri said...


These are incredible.

lynn said...

Hey Robyn your daughter's photo is going down so well at my blog, thanks Daughter! Come and see!

Maria said...

I am a poor judge of artwork. I have been told that I don't have an "eye." But, I liked all the cool, smooth to the touch way these all looked.

I liked them. Very much.