Friday, April 25, 2008

Art Day

In my attempt to improve my painting skills, I discovered that I was washing quite a bit of paint down the drain after a session of making a mess on a piece of canvas. I decided to start using the left-over paint on canvas swatches—4x4—and I've discovered I usually like the scrap bits better than the original piece I set out to create to begin with.

After painting something that left me with pinks, white, and oranges, this is what the throw-away paint gave me:

After a pathetic attempt to paint the head of a tabby cat on a bright green background, here is what I was able to make before washing out the brushes and wiping the pallet clean:

and after a simple landscape, one I actually liked in the end, here is what the left-over paint gave me:

Here's to not wasting paint, which isn't cheap, by the way. And here's to learning to paint something other than cypress trees.


Shazza said...

You sure look like you're having fun with this!

Check out this blog, her paintings are fun and yours remind me of hers:

MmeBenaut said...

Robyn, my favourite is centre left. This one is worthy of hanging. I see a budding van Gogh in the making:)

Susan said...

Hi Robyn,
Very appropriate effort during Earth week!

Caleb just puts waxed paper over his palette and puts it in the freezer. Paint seems to keep indefinitely.

Colorado Susan

dive said...

What a great way to use up scrap paint, Robyn!
I love the splash of orange on the first pink one.
Both the middle ones are fabulous; I especially like the way you have captured the fading colours in the distance on the left hand one.
The bottom ones look like English oaks, which I find a real pig to paint. I like the earthy ground colour on the second one.
Excellent stuff! You are really creating your own style very quickly.

Rich said...

Great idea using the swatches Robyn. I'm all for recycling and inthe name of art, even better.

lynn said...

he he i like the bottom tree on the left - you've left some space in letting the sky poke through.

Alifan said...

Wow Robyn you are creative.... like them......