Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Listen to This, Would Ya?—Hair Cut

They say you can't trust your feelings, like the ones that suggest you feel like shooting up a shopping mall. "I feel like punching somebody" isn't a feeling you can trust for sure, although "I feel like a sandwich" isn't so bad. Funny, you don't look like a sandwich.

You can't always trust your senses either, it turns out. You know that saying, "believe none of what you read and only half of what you see." Ten people can witness one car accident and then present ten different stories of what happened, all from a different angle and with a life time's worth of preconceived ideas. What we want to be true can distort what we see as well. Some people would look at this picture and see a miracle of Jesus. I live with two cats, so I know exactly what it is. What do you see?

All kinds of things can interfere with your perception—there is a whole world of clutter out there ready to play games with the signals your brain gets from your senses. Some of that clutter comes from within your own head—here is a site with all kinds of visual illusions that will make you question everything your eyes project into your head.

This Virtual Barber Shop is the perfect example of how our senses betray us. It looks like a video, but don't be fooled by what you see. Listen to it with headphones, making sure the left and right parts are in the corresponding ears, and close your eyes. After you've had your hair cut, tell me if you turned your head to follow the sound, and fess up if you cringed or touched the back of your head. And did any of you scream a little at the end, or am I the only one?


dive said...

I thought that was Tiger for a moment, Robyn.
Is this cat's owner the originator of the phrase "Holy Crap"?

I loved the haircut, but luckily (thanks to too many years standing in front of a wall of amplifiers on stage) I am almost deaf in my left ear so he didn't startle me as much as he did you.

Splendid fun!

Mrs. G. said...

My kids are going to like this one. I didn't scream, but I did jump. Is that a photo a a dog's behind up there?

Cheri said...

I call "Photoshop!"

Shan said...

I'd much rather see Jesus in a pancake!! :D
The barber shop was fun but it did alert the troops and send lots of children to stare at my computer screen. Bahaha!

Scout said...

Dive, "holy crap." very funny.

Mrs. G, it says it's a cat bum, but I think it looks more like dog.

Cheri, I have wondered the same thing, being handy with Photoshop myself. I wonder, though, if we'd see it if it weren't suggested.

Shan, ahhh. You didn't use headphones, then.

Shazza said...

First I couldn't figure out why you had a picture of a dog's ass on your blog.

I thought...well....nevermind.

The haircut thing...freaky!!! Freaky!

The clippers gave me shivers....the end.....eeeyyyiiiieeee.

lynn said...

I see a cat's or dog's bottom and pleasant it is not. lol.

lynn said...

Oh and i don't have sound at the moment so can't comment on that sorry.

Lulubelle B said...

My first thought was "dog butt", but not Jesus won't go away.

Too funny!

savannah said...

OH.MY.GAWD!!!! EVEN THOUGH I KNEW something was gonna happen i did scream & jump! i have got to share this! wow, wow, wow!
thanks, sugar, that was hilarious!

now, re: the butt pic...dive said it all! ;-)

Shazza said...

I can't look at my dogs ass now without seeing Jesus. It's kind of disturbing.