Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5 Things

I wasn't going to play at my blog today because I am full to the brim with such a wide collection of thoughts and reasons to fret and things to do. Between No. 2's graduation and party and food for the homeless shelter and some odd work projects and band concerts, I'm fit for a nap to make it all disappear. On top of that, my dear friend is moving to Georgia tomorrow, and since she is moving away from the house next door, I have watching the moving trucks carry away her things for two days now. Sigh. I was going to write about that, but it makes me so sad, I will opt for the 5 Things Meme instead. Thank you to Maria and Dive for providing this diversion.

5 Things in my bag:
•My wallet
•My cell phone
•Wads of odd receipts that should have been thrown out weeks ago
•The "key" to my keyless car
•A wrapped mint from a restaurant. It's friends with the tiny tin of mini Altoids, wintergreen.

5 Favorite things in my bedroom:
•A big poofy bed with a down comforter and down pillow
•A comfy and quite stylish chair with an ottoman
•A fun wooden jewelry box on the dresser.
•A clay imprint of one of my daughter's hand in a piece of plaster
•A ceiling fan.

5 Things I have always wanted to do:
•Ride a horse across country. I don't know why that seems so appealing, but I wanted to do that when I was a kid. I don't even ride horses.
•Para sail. I almost got to do that once, but it rained
•Ride in a hot air balloon
•Learn to draw
•Teach a cooking class. That isn't a burning desire of mine, but I think it might be fun once.

5 Things I'm currently into:
•Playing horn
•Writing, although I haven't written anything lately
•Watching movies
•Sipping a chilled Riesling


dive said...

Hokay … So one more thing for our Transatlantic Dictionary, Robyn:
What's a"comforter"?
Oh, and "ottoman" over here is a chest for linen. Is it the same there?
As for your cellphone; throw it out with the receipts. You know my views on those stupid things.
The wine sounds a good idea, though.

Scout said...

A comforter is a blanket or in this case a duvet. An ottoman is a big foot stool. Sometimes it can also be a chest if the top raises up.

I will NOT throw out my cell phone. It plays cute little songs when people call.

lynn said...

Sorry your friend is moving, Scout, i recall you being head-in-the-sand about it a while ago. I'll be back to read the meme, but just to say thanks for popping in and your good wishes. My 'plight' is well and truly blogged today, in all its glory, if you're interested, at Cheltenham! Eek.

savannah said...

i just chose the 5 things out of my purse randomly! LOL i have those same receipts! xox

Gina said...

Hot air balloons scare me!

Sounds so busy! Happy belated to your daughter, and happy upcoming graduation as well!

MmeBenaut said...

3 out of 5 for what's in my bag.
I have ridden a horse across country. It was wonderful. Do it Robyn, you can take it at a walk until you're comfortable.
I've been parasailing too. That's a whole lot of fun and laughter.
I understand what a comforter and an ottoman are.