Friday, May 09, 2008

Art Day

We spent last weekend at the lake doing relaxing things like breathing in and out. We also played Monopoly during which I was called a communist because I wanted everyone at the table to own just enough but not too much. It's that kind of thinking that leaves the person with the boot having to mortgage their measly railroads just to pay rent on Mediterranean. We played Yahtzee, had dinner at the marina, watched movies, ate chocolate, and read books.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to rain and cloudy skies, and I saw a man fishing in the inlet by the house. He was wearing a yellow rain slicker and a yellow hat, and the only sounds you could here besides the rain on the water and on the leaves was the call of an occasional bird. I had brought some paints and a tablet of paper meant for acrylics, so this is what I painted (9x12):

The next day at home, I painted the scene again on 9x12 canvas and tried to correct a mistake or two. I'm not sure if I succeeded, but at least the water doesn't look so rough—it was actually a calm water day.

And...happy National Nightshift Workers Day.


dive said...

I love the colours, Robyn. His yellow slicker looks cheerful, but the angle of his rod suggests he's had no catches all day.

I love the thought of Communist Monopoly. "Hokay, so we're going to share all the property out equally and nobody's going to make a profit out of other people's misfortunes." Hee hee. That is so anti "The American Dream", I've a feeling the Mc.Carthy-ites will be knocking on your door pretty soon.

savannah said...

happy friday, sugar...i'm still chuckling over communist monopoly xox

lynn said...

What's a slicker, is it a raincoat/mac?

I prefer the first one. You were so meant to paint. I'm delighted that you had a limited palette, not too many different colours creeping in and i'm hoping you found the colours, the trees, the water from the same few colours. It makes for real harmony. I'm not sure i like the tidied-up version so much.

It's wonderful that now you have practised, copying other paintings, etc., that you are now painting from life. Great, Robyn! I enjoyed this post.

lynn said...

Oh and do remember that sometimes the calm sea you see on the day doesn't make the best painting, neither the telegraph pole where you don't want it, or the tree which you wish could be just a little to the left. You have artistic licence. For complete accuracy, you have your camera.

Scout said...

Dive, he does look a little discouraged, doesn't he. Maybe I just caught him right before a big catch.

Savannah, I have never been good at Monopoly, and now I know it's because I just wanted to share.

Lynn, yes, a slicker is a raincoat. I like to hear that I was meant to paint. I made so many mistakes as I go along, but I enjoy it so much. I started with blue and then added here and there to get the various shades of green. And I had a separate spot on the palette for the yellow and brown. I don't have a huge collection of colors, and I'd like to keep it that way.

MmeBenaut said...

Bravo Robyn. I actually prefer the first painting. i like the rough waves. I also think I can see a huge improvement in your painting, Robyn. And, you've invented a new oxymoron: communist monopoly. Clever girl.

lynn said...

Yep you are better off with few colours, in my opinion, Robyn.

By the way is every day an 'occasion' in America? lol.

dive said...

I know you colonial types celebrate it several weeks after we do, but as it is Sunday over here, Happy Mothers' Day, Robyn!
I do hope your daughters are spoiling you rotten.