Friday, May 23, 2008

Art Day

It's the day I have proclaimed a personal art day where I show you stuff I have painted, but I haven't painted very much this week. In preparing for next weekend's big shindig in honor of No. 2's graduation, I have been trying to clean up areas of the house one small area at a time. The corner of the family room where I usually paint has been cleared.

But then No. 2 found this very cool letter E to represent herself—no, her name is not actually No. 2. She asked me to paint it anyway I fancy so that it would be suitable to display at her party, so I chose the colors of her cake and decorations and went to town. This is a giant paper mache block letter that must be three feet tall, which meant I had to reestablish my painting table, but it turned out to be a quick job and quick cleanup. Fortunately, she liked the end result.

Here it is full view.

And here is a closeup.

This evening, No. 2 will graduate from high school, and that will be the end of her high school experience. Being one to follow through with commitment, usually, she will still have to play in the marching band for a town festival on Saturday, and she'll march to the cemetery on Monday for the town's Memorial Day commemoration, and she's got one more steel band concert. But after that, she'll be moving on. Sigh.


dive said...

Congratulations on graduating, Daughter no.2.

Now you've got us guessing, Robyn.
Darn it; this is going to drive me nuts!

Rich said...

it seems like you and I as parents,are sharing the same experience these days.

best to #2 and to you Robyn :)

MmeBenaut said...

Congratulations E. on your gradation. Perhaps it is Edwina, Elaine or Elsie. Elsie was my grandmother's first name. Her second name was Catherine.
I love the colours on your E. The birthday cake must be something to behold. Please post a pic for us after the party Robyn.

Shan said...

Oh that is a great E for Ellen! I have a cutie pie friend named Ellen so I'll go with that. Happy Celebrating Guys! And be strong Robyn-I know it's bittersweet.

lynn said...

he he i know what it is but i shan't say. I shan't.

Congratulations, No. 2!

Robyn you chose great, rich colours for the paint job. Love the gold.

savannah said...

that's fantastic, sugar! congratulations to #2 and you! xox

Alifan said...

Congratulations Robyn and daughter no 2.......