Friday, May 30, 2008

Art Day

We have thing at our house we call "the back porch," but it isn't really a porch. It's more like a room stuck on the back with the feeling of a porch. The floor is terra cotta tiles, and the walls are cedar with large windows. On rainy, summer evenings, it's a great place to sit and watch the weather, especially if there is thunder and lightning because one wall faces down hill, and you can see lightning strike the ridge on the other side of town.

I was sitting on this "porch" yesterday with a visiting friend, and I took a good look at a little table I have had for years. I bought it at a neighbor's garage sale for just a couple of dollars, and it isn't good for much more than holding a little lamp or maybe a book. I decided it must be painted.

Several hours later, this is what the table looked like:

Here is a closer view of the top. The camera doesn't show the base color is actually more of a burgundy than a burnt orange, and the yellow flowers are highlighted with gold.


dive said...

Woah! What a cute table, Robyn!

It's always good to see lightning strike the other side of town.
Hee hee.

savannah said...

lovely table, sugar! xoxo

(still LOL@dive's comment about the other side of town)

Shan said...

Very cute!! I don't really understand how you get so much done. You surely must use your time more wisely than I. (This, I realize, is a statement I could make to most people as I am a prize winning waster of time). harhar

Alifan said...

Robyn soon you will have to open a little craft shop and display all your lovely things, you are so clever...I like the view of the swimming pool!!!!

Rich said...

Looks like that cat is ready to jump up onto the table. Nice job Robyn!! I too enjoy sitting on the porch during a rain storm with thunder and lightning. I also like to sit out there and listen to Red sox games on the radio while smoking a big Cuban cigar.

Cheri said...

Get OUT! You painted that table? Wow!

Maria said...

Okay. Here is the difference between you and I:

I would look at that table and decide that it needed to be painted.

I would attempt it.

It would look awful.

Bing would re-do and it would be okay.

lynn said...

You did a very good job there, Robyn. I went through the paint-the-furniture phase when my boys were small. I remember having a really shabby tallboy chest of drawers to keep their little toys etc in. One day i painted each drawer in a different colour. It looked such fun! I wish i still had it.... :(

Angela Williams Duea said...

That's gorgeous! Great idea.