Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hidden Treasures

My dear friend Carolyn has moved to Georgia. Actually she is moving tomorrow, but we had lunch yesterday and said "good bye." We met at a cute coffee shop in Small Town Next Door (to my favorite place for joe, please don't take offense). We had sandwiches and chatted for the longest time about all sorts of things, hopping from subject to subject as we are prone to doing. She brought in this trinket, a plastic figurine of a teddy bear with a piece of embroidery in a hoop with something syrupy and gaggy about friendship written on it. Someone had given it to her several years ago, and she found it while packing up her house for the moving truck. She was about to throw it out when she thought I might have a use for it. I found one. We waited until the counter help went back into the kitchen and then carefully placed it on a shelf with cookbooks on display. It became a kind of hidden treasure so that when people stop in for coffee and look through the cook books, they'll see the bear and wonder about it. I promised to go back in a month or two to make sure the little guy is still in his hiding place.

Years ago a man named James Hartman and his family and friends put tiny plaster sheep in odd spots like the top of the Eiffel Tower, the lap of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, and the clock tower of Big Ben. These little sheep are scattered all over the world with no pomp just waiting for someone to stumble upon them and wonder. Disney World is littered with secret Mickey Mouse heads in odd places like brick floors and wall paper. I think Carolyn and I should start spreading tacky figurines around the country as we travel. We could fill every coffee shop from New York to San Diego.

I miss Carolyn already. She once gave me a large glass ornament that is meant to remind you of the person who gave it to you. I have it hanging in my home-office window glowing blue as the sun shines through it, and when I look at it, I can see her house next door. I have always admired this ball, especially when the furnace is running, and the air flow makes the thing twirl a bit, but now when I look at it I can see the vacant house next door.

I have no idea who will move into that house. I'll try to be a welcoming neighbor, and I'll try not to backwash my swimming pool into their back yard. But I am wondering if I should move the friendship ornament so it will cause me to think of Carolyn and not the fact that she has gone. The good news is that she is moving only 45 minutes from where my mother and sister live, so we're likely to see each other from time to time. When I visit, I'll try to remember to bring a cheesy plastic statue with me so we can hide it in a coffee shop in her new town.


dive said...

What a wonderful idea, Robyn.
Now whenever I see a cheesy ornament I'll think of you and Carolyn (hee hee).
It's good that she's moving close to your mom. Mom's being moms, she will probably say "Perhaps now your friend lives here you'll come and visit me more often" … or is that just my mum?
Good luck with the new neighbours. May they be quite, polite and not let their dog crap on your driveway.

MmeBenaut said...

Sad and hopeful at the same time Robyn. Close and genuine friends are hard to come by but this isn't goodbye for ever, thank goodness. Lovely story about the "trinkets".

savannah said...

*hugs* it's never easy when a good friend moves away, but as you said, she'll be close to where your mom lives, so it's a variation on BOGO (buy one, get one) visit mom, see carolyn! win-win all the way, sugar! xox
(love the cheesy ornament idea!)

Cheri said...

What a lovely post and tribute to friendship. I knew about the secret Mickeys, but not the sheep thing. Cool.

lynn said...

The cheesy figure is a good idea. There just had to be a use for them. Sad when friends move, but as you say, you'll see her again. You may find that you speak even more often than before, by phone.

Good luck, Carolyn, in your new home. I can only hope the new owners will match up for Robyn. lol.

Mrs. G. said...

It is hard to lose a good friend and neighbor. Sounds like you might have a few trips to Georgia in your future.

Saucy said...

Man that sucks when a good friend moves away but with the "internets" and all this good blogging stuff you can keep in touch.

After we visited Walt Disney World the first time, we were fascinated with the hidden Mickeys. I decorate with dragonflies and so I hide them all over our house. It's pretty descreet, not like a collection, more like a treasure hunt. Too much fun.

Thanks for hitting the bloggedy blog blog. Slow Cook Thursday was a hoot and connected me to so many new, fun blogs.