Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Listen to This, Would Ya?—Cat Fussing

My plan for today is to buy ferns for the patio, replace the cushions on the wicker chairs on the porch, and make some real progress on the display of childhood pictures for Eustacia's party. I'm curious—where you live, do high school graduates have a large display at their parties of childhood photos, school awards, and various memorabilia in what basically constitutes a shrine? It's customary here, so we're putting it all together.

While I'm doing that, you can watch my cats annoy each other. They usually try to avoid each other except when one stalks the other and starts and all-out fight, or when another cat appears in the yard, and Mike turns into Demon Cat in order to declare his territory. I'll try to get that on video for you. Today, the best I can do is show the two of them scrapping on the window seat.

Here is Mike. He's a big boy.

Here is Tiger. He is an angel with a bit of mischief.

And here they are together.



dive said...

No fair!!!!!!
I'm at the office and I can't watch movies until I get home (in around eight hours time).

As for graduation, we didn't do that in my day.
On my last day at school I simply left the building and walked home, then got ready to start my sucky summer job the next day so I could afford to buy booze at university.

Alifan said...

Oh Robyn they are lovely pics... Tiger certainly looks like Oscar!!!!!!

Hope you like my flowers again today, not as good as the boys excuse is I am old..and have more shky hands than they do.... tee hee as Ame used to say.........

Booze at University Dive, did I miss that?tut tut!!!!!!

Alifan said...

Whoops... shaky ...hands I meant, oh dear Dive will pick up on that one.........

Pianist friend said...

I love your cat posts, Robyn! They are way cool...and such handsome boys!

dive said...

At least I didn't mention the dope … er … oops!

savannah said...

we did that very same thing for our 4 - high school, college and yeah, put together a funny from birth to now rehearsal dinner night before the wedding party book! i think it's a great thing to do - in a your life in crazy poses and strange outfits i used to make you wear kind of way, sugar! ;-)

MmeBenaut said...

Robyn, you have made my day! I just love cats, even annoying ones.

As for the photo thing - it is customary to do it for significant birthdays here. We don't do a big graduation thing though. There are parties and things en masse - called "schoolies week" but not individual parties.

dive said...

Oh, poor Mike!
I just got home and watched the movie, Robyn.
Mike showed admirable restraint in not turning round and socking Tiger.

Mrs. G. said...

We do the childhood photo montage here-everyone loves it! You will have fun doing it too.

Cheri said...

Waaaaaayyyyy over here in San Diego we did the whole photo and memorabilia display for high school graduations. It's a fun walk down memory lane for everyone.