Saturday, June 07, 2008

Finally, The Party!

Last week's party was a success. I think what made it a success was Eustacia's happiness level, and she was pleased. Not all of her friends could make it, and those who did could only stay for a few minutes because they had a steel band concert to perform, but she was still a happy graduate.

When you invite practically everyone you know and don't require an RSVP, you can only guess how many people will show up, and you can only guess how much they will eat, so I tend to over plan. I over planned on the food and the punch and plates and forks and napkins. I over planned so much I could have given another party the next day with all the leftovers. I didn't, of course, because no one was left to invite, but were I to suddenly meet 50 to 75 strangers, I could have fed them all and offered them a glass of punch.

First, the cake. I ordered it from a local baker who works out of her kitchen. She's a sweetheart, and she produced a lovely treat.

Second, the flowers. My sister flew here from Georgia along with my mother, and she arranged some lovely flowers in very creative ways. Here is just one example, using an apple and a test tube as the vase. She also carved small watermelons into vases and created some beautiful bouquets that were set here and there.

Third, the centerpieces. We made these fun little candles with layered sand in glass jars for all of the tables. Unfortunately the wind kept us from lighting them.

Fourth, the buffet. At Eustacia's request, we served tea sandwiches—goat cheese and cucumber, roast beef and blue cheese, ham salad, and herbed cream cheese with smoked salmon. We also served shrimp in olive oil and lime juice, fruit salad with a creamy ginger dip, and sausage rolls. Beside the cake on the dessert buffet were lime cookies and tiny tarts, some filled with lime custard and some with chocolate mousse. The punch was a wonderful concoction put together by my friend Carolyn right before she moved away. The base can be kept frozen for weeks and then mixed with ginger ale. Yummy.

Fifth, the shrine. We decorated two display boards with photos and things representing my daughter's childhood years—baby pictures, childhood pictures, high school pictures from band and tennis, and photos from trips she has taken with groups like People to People. And as is now the custom here, we ran a slide show on a computer with various other photos. Here is one of the boards.

Finally, here is Eustacia (left) and her older sister (right, No. 1 until another name comes to mind) enjoying the sun on party day.


dive said...

What a swell party!
Well done, Robyn!
The cake is amazing, the flowers absolutely gorgeous, the centrepieces dangerously cute, the food … wow, the food! If only I'd known I would have come over the next day and eaten myself silly.
The shrine is brilliant.
You have done so much hard work, no wonder Eustacia was happy.
And we've all said it before but it needs saying again: your girls are both breathtakingly beautiful.
I wonder where that get that from? (OW!)

Rich said...

The buffet was very good and I tried each one of the little sandwiches, I enjoyed the shrimp but it could have used a tad more lime juice. But over all it was good.

Nice job Robyn!!

Shan said...

Yes to everything that Dive said. It's all(and they are) over the top gorgeous Robyn. My MY!

Your house seems absolutely fabulous as well. I would surely have a hard time getting out of the pool floatie long enough to accomplish all of those festivities.

You are inspirational!! :D

Shazza said...

Congratulations to your daughter and to you as well!

I am sure you are very proud of them both!

MmeBenaut said...

You are inspirational Robyn. What a wonderful mother you are to your beautiful two girls. I adore the photo by the pool and Eustacia's dress is gorgeous - well they both are really.
As for the food - my goodness, no wonder you were in that Phew! position afterwards.
The cake and flowers and shrine are all fabulous too.
Congratulations Eustacia!

Alifan said...

Oh Robyn you have done it again.... well done... Loved the cake and buffet, you deserve a rest now.....

Robyn said...

Robyn ... I stumbled upon your blog and had to leave a comment, since MY name is Robyn and MY blog is, quite coincidentally, called "I'm Just Sayin'." Strange, no?

Anyway, your daughter's graduation party looked fabulous. You are obviously quite a talented mom. Congrats and best wishes to you.

savannah said...

gorgeous, sugar! well done and congratulations again to you and yours! xoxo