Friday, July 25, 2008

Art & Craft Day

It's now Art & Craft Day because what I have been doing lately is hardly art. I have been sewing purses.

Eustacia decided she wanted to learn to sew, so I started her on an apron, the project all kids learned to make back in the day when school actually had home ec. and shop classes for everyone. Her project reminded me that I used to sew quite a lot. When my girls were little, I made their dresses, and if I was bored, I would make an entire wardbrobe full of baby clothes. I got tired of it, though, and put the machine away.

Well, now it's back, and I have been making purses and bags. They only take an hour or so to complete, and because they don't use much fabric, they aren't expensive to create. Some of what I have been making is from reclaimed fabric. Reclaimed because I cut up old dresses and skirts that I either find at the Good Will store or in the back of my own closet. I have this idea I might include these on my future site.

Here is a handbag made from a Good Will dress and belt. The dress had a necklace attached to the shoulder seems, so I incorporated that in the trim.

This one is from fresh material and a mixed batch of buttons.

Another fresh bag using funky coordinating material and beads.

This one is a reusable shopping bag, fully lined, made from an old dress that was never worn.


Alifan said...

Robyn, I have said it before what great talent you have they look really good..... well done

MmeBenaut said...

Just amazing Robyn. They are smart and cute too. I'll have three of those fully lined, reusable shopping bags please!
I think it's terrific that Eustacia wants to learn to sew. Soon she'll be making clothes for her own children (well, maybe not quite that soon!)
Have a lovely weekend.

dive said...

Good grief, Robyn, you are more productive than a GAP child-labour sweatshop!
I must admit, when I saw the first one I though "Oooh! I like that green one."
Then "Oooh, The brown one's nice, too … Oooh! I love the spots and stripes one … AND the pretty red one!"
Don't let me near you etsy shop, I'd spend all my money!
I particularly like Tiger's tail on the last shot. Him and Mike must love it when you do crafty things; so much fun stuff for cats to play with.

Maria said...

I think you should make some of those reusable grocery bags and market them.

lynn said...

I've made bags before. It's fun and these are wonderful. I like the red ones best.