Thursday, July 03, 2008

From a Devatee

I have discovered a new source for clothes—a catalog business called Deva Lifewear. Clearly from the image on their most recent catalog, the people at Deva Lifewear don't want to bother with first impressions or Photoshop skills. This eye-catching image drew me in immediately the way an accident along the highway makes you crane your head. Good lord, I said to myself. What are these frumpy people selling?

They are selling comfortable clothes made with organic cotton and dyed with things like clay and beet juice. Their work force is mostly domestic in that they work from home, which is admirable. Their opening letter says, "With the durability of our fabrics and a focus on designs that never quite lose their fashionability, we strive to provide you with the best for less." Forgetting that "fashionability" isn't a real word, I love that they qualify their styles with the word "quite." They don't quite go out of fashion, but almost.

"When a customer writes us that they have been wearing the same pair of Freedom Pants for 4 years, we know we have met our goal." There is so much I could say about that statement, wondering why wearing these things for four years is a source of pride being just one. They are called Freedom Pants because they provide "unrestricted movement," and they are available in nine natural colors. I'll confess that but for the elastic ankle bands, I might be tempted.

Freedom Pants

I'll also confess to becoming a "devatee" by ordering something. I couldn't resist. When my package arrives, I'll let you know if I feel free in this ensemble or if I feel like a dumpy slouch who wears socks with her Birkenstocks and spins her own alpaca yarn. I'm just on the verge of becoming that person anyway, so maybe all I need is a nudge.


dive said...

Hee hee, Robyn!
Hoorah for frumpy people selling comfortable organic clothes dyed with clay and beet.
I'm all for that, but those "Freedom Pants"? ICK! Slob central!

Is the photo at the bottom what you have ordered? I like that a lot.

peahen said...

I agree with Dive, the outfit at the bottom looks great, and it's just what I expect from 'sustainable' wear. Some of what's in their catalogue looks, well, it looks like it wasn't designed for the models wearing it, and gives me a bit of a shudder.

2005 was the year that I started dying my hair and wearing flat shoes. Starting to consciously wear loose 'comfortable' freedom clothing seems like a similar milestone in one's history!

Seriously, I'm all for their principles - designing clothes to last, using natural materials. Hurray for them. And give us a review when you have your order!

Shan said...

Bahahahaha! Scout, you are on FIRE lately! Look at you whipping out your summer funnies and lashing us with them. Jamey notices the horror in graphic design as well. I must admit I might notice THIS one. Poor slightly unfashionable people. :D I'm sure you will look much better in them! You go with your green self!

Rich said...

If it's made in the USA I'll buy it.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Comfy is the new [fill in something clever, my brain's gone dead].

That skirt looks comfy and darling!

lynn said...

Oh dear God, i thought to myself- a new source for clothes?? My eyes jumped back to the fabric-hung pair on the front. Comfort-seeking, clueless or cloth-kamikase, I wondered? I groaned. Oh no, Robyn, surely not. I squirmed. Then i realised you were writhing in agony too, as i read further! My goodness. This company needs some tailoring and marketing advice fast before it drowns in its own vuliminous fabric.

Ok. I confess to conceding on the skirt. It's.... ok. Let us know. Do.

lynn said...

Oh yes and Freedom Pants: Guffaw. These people are so free they need restraining.

lynn said...


lynn said...

Oh and celebrating 30 years? Seriously?

MmeBenaut said...

I think Lynn might be a tad upset. I like the long green skirt in the bottom photo with the crisp white blouse. I hope you ordered this set Robyn. Would look nice with some white birkenstocks. I love birkenstocks but haven't found a pair yet. Ok, I haven't looked very hard - one usually needs to leave home to do that - perhaps they sell them online!

Scout said...

Mme Beneat, you CAN buy Birkenstocks on line. That's how I got mine—they aren't sold locally, so I had no other choice.

hee hee, Lynn. It will be OK, honey.

To you all, I will post a photo of the duds if they fit. I have high hopes for them.

Anonymous said...

I have been buying Freedom Pants for almost 30 years now. The seams stay sewn, they are comfortable beyond measure, the dye doesn't fade in patches, all I can say is that they are the perfect pants. I had one pair for 15 years. But then I am more about function and sustainability than style and appearance. If they are comfortable and last a long time and aren't garish, then that's a good thing. I hope they never stop making them.