Monday, July 21, 2008

A Night at the Theater

Eustacia and I went to the local theater production of Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version, over the weekend. Yes, Small Town has a theater, The Little Theater, in fact. I don't know for sure, but I think the auditorium seats about 200. Just guessing. There were some ceiling tiles missing on the right side of the room, and there were enough spider webs and cobwebs hanging from up there to weave a rug.

Almost all of the performers were from either Small Town or Small Town Next Door, and they were excellent. Every one of them sang on pitch, and if they forgot any lines, you couldn't tell. The set was somewhat minimal, but I appreciate that because it lets you connect with the performers and the story without unnecessary distraction.

A horn player I know who is heavily involved in productions at this theater played Gaston. I wasn't sure what to expect because I have never heard him sing before, but he filled the role perfectly. He was just cheeky enough and just enough of a ham to pull it off. Oddly, he didn't look awkward in tights.

Belle was played by a local girl who is now in college, and she sings beautifully. As she has grown up over the years, I have heard her voice mature from something pleasant to something beautiful and skilled and sincere. I believe her talent surpasses her years.

I know I am an intolerant person when it comes to baby noises in public, but please explain to me why someone would take a one-year-old boy to a three-hour performance of a show that does not end until nearly 11:00 at night. And please explain to me why, when that person and that unhappy child are seated in an auditorium, I am seated right beside them. Every time. I couldn't be angry with the kid because it was past his bedtime, and he had every right to be pissed off. I was angry with the parents, though. I don't care how much they wanted their older kids to see the show—they were disruptive to the rest of the audience and the performers.

Overall it was a delightful experience. Our Little Theater is a treasure. They need new lights at $250 a pop, though, so if you're interested in being a patron...


lynn said...

Ah Beauty and the Beast, i loved the film and my youngest son was crazy about it. I envy your theatre production. Shame about the baby noises, i must say i'm equally intolerant. Do you also have friends like mine who carry on a telephone conversation with said bundle held screaming in arms next to the phone? Or who intersperse your talk with "yes you can, darling" or "no you can't" or "stop hitting your sister, Tommy!" ?? Annoying isn't it.

PF said...

I agree with your assessment! Gaston was great, and Belle was, well...superb! We had a similar experience at the movie theatre Friday night, seeing "Dark Knight" no less, one that (in my opinion) absolutely no really young child should see! There were young, young children in attendance and even a babe in arms. The worst part, though, were the 2 couples sitting beside us. Between the 4 of them, they went in and out 10 times. Ten times. I was livid, and about ready to haul off and smack someone!

PF said...

...forgot to mention that the two couples were climbing over us each time. grrr.

Alifan said...

Oh Robyn what a shame about the youngster,but it sounds like it was a good night otherwise.....

Lynn!!! have had that happen to me, but must admit I was rather strict with my boys when they were young, mind you we never had a telephone when they were young!!!!whoops that should bring the house down on me!!!!!

dive said...

The Little Theatre in Small Town. How delightful you make it sound, Robyn (apart from the cobwebs).
Did you tell "Gaston" he doesn't look awkward in tights?
Send a bill for $250 to the parents who didn't have the sense to take their children to a matinee performance. They can compensate everyone by buying a new light.

Mum: I am tremendously grateful for not having had a phone. It helped nurture my intense hatred of the stupid things. I didn't have one for years and now only have one under sufferance as I need it for my internet connection. As you know from all the times you've rung me and not got an answer, most of the time it is on "mute" and when it's not it is stuck in the vegetable rack in the kitchen with a cushion over it.
You only have yourself to blame. Hee hee.

Shan said...

I think it is possible that your town is exactly one notch bigger than mine because our theater is not quite as "on" and the tights tend to bag at the knees in our shows. :)
Otherwise, the things you write about I swear are happening here simultaneously. Small town living. So charming....with occasional drawbacks and cobwebs.

I am the same way about inappropriate baby placement. Get a sitter or stay home people! Same goes for cell phones. You can not possibly be so important that you have to take calls during meetings or in theaters. Harumph.

Mrs. G. said...

Everyone thinks I'm a shrew when I get annoyed about babies at public performances that are geared toward people who can control their crying. I think it is rude and disrespectful to the audience members and the performers. There. I've said it.

MmeBenaut said...

Haven't those parents heard of feeding a child during a performance with some warm milk which puts them to sleep while they're sucking on it?
Sounds like you had a great time otherwise, Robyn.
BTW seating for 200 is not considered small down here. I think our local theatre might hold 50!!