Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ugly by Whose Standards?!

I have an issue with this picture. Sure, the cat is cute, but who decided the couch was ugly? I am irked because I used to have this exact same couch and a matching love seat, and I thought the stuff was beautiful.

It looked great in the family room with the cherry-finish wood floor, the cherry accent tables, and the brick fireplace against the white painted trim. What a room that was. We only got rid of the furniture when we built an addition to the house that included a bigger family room. The "ugly" stuff was dwarfed by it and looked silly instead of cozy.

We gave it to a jerk we knew who needed furniture but couldn't afford it. He wasn't a jerk because he couldn't afford furniture. He was a jerk for every other imaginable reason. I once gave the guy a parakeet I had come to hate because it was mean. No one would spend time with it, so it was wild and unfriendly. The jerk decided the bird would enjoy a little time in the bushes outside his patio, and since I had clipped the bird's wings right before the jerk took him home, he knew the thing couldn't fly away. It wasn't until the neighbor cat lunged into the bushes and snatched the stupid bird away for lunch that The Jerk realized putting a flightless bird in a bush was probably not a good idea.

Anyway, I loved those couches, and I don't see how anyone could think they're ugly. Busy, maybe, but ugly, no.


dive said...

It looks lovely and comfy to me, Robyn.
The kitten's cute, though.
And jerks are jerks, all over the world.

Rich said...

The couch is okay, But the CAT is ugly!!

Shan said...

It's only one cat's opinion Scout. I've had disagreements with clawed kitties before. My Tasha didn't seem to like any of the wicker furniture I had in my room growing up. Or DID she? Maybe that couch had catnip inside.

MmeBenaut said...

I like the fabric too but the kitten clawing it is a familiar sight. Lately Sascha and Felix have taken to scratching our white couches. This brings a loud rebuke - they know it's not allowed. I think it is that they're feeling a bit cooped up over winter.

As for the jerk. Boy, what a stupid jerk! Poor bird.

And Rich: that cat is not ugly!

Lina said...

I found this site called maybe you can use it. It seems to help get me through the issues of dealing with some of the jerks I know. At least I can vent about these jerks, plus I get a kick out of sending them some cards.

PF said...

What an adorable kitten! Seriously, are there any ugly kittens? This one looks like our Callie :)