Friday, August 29, 2008

A Full Day

I have a full day ahead. Eustacia has asked to come home for the weekend, not because she misses her parents, mind you, but because she misses her cats. So, I'll leave here mid-afternoon to go fetch her.

Between now and then, I have some work projects to tend to and some practicing to do before tomorrow morning's rehearsal. This is what goes on in my horn case while I'm busy playing through music. I'm sure my horn is the only one with valve slides covered in cat hair.

I also have written a piece for Small Town Newspaper that I will obsessively polish before submitting. In case you're interested, or even if you aren't, here is a link to my piece in today's edition. It's even got a couple of comments from online readers.

I don't write on subjects that warrant much online commenting like last night's speech delivered so masterfully by Barak Obama. Any place that subject appears this morning, you'll find all kinds of opinions for or against. But basically I think people are just spouting off the praises and criticisms they have memorized over the last several months. That man could have read his grocery list and still the response might have been the same—that's how entrenched I believe people are in what they believe and in what they want to happen in November. It's the growing number of independents both candidates are focused on at this point, and those are the people I want to hear from today.

How did I get on that subject? I have no idea. Oh yeah, online comments. So, here I go to get started on my full day. I hope you all enjoy your three-day weekend, unless you live overseas, in which case, you've got just two days to catch your breath.


RoverHaus said...

Hey you! (Am I allowed to use your name?)

What a delightful surprise to hear from you.

Yes, I'm one of those poor people who won't get three days this weekend.

Enjoyed your editorial!

savannah said...

i just finished reading this weeks entries, sugar! love your style, wit and grace...enjoy your holiday - i'm off to see my wild brood out in cali! xoxox

Shan said...

BAHA!!! That was my friend Jason who couldn't BE more fabulous. We have an arranged marriage planned for our oldest children though we'll have to pay THEM a huge dowry for their girl. Teeheehee.
They are the cutest family and such an example of Christian love. Don't get me started...sniff :)

Ok, back to my comment. First of all, that cat makes me miss Tigger (such an original name for an orange cat I know). Smoootch.

And secondly, great article Robyn! Nice going. Have fun with Eustacia this weekend!! She'll have some great stories for you, no doubt.

Rich said...

I enjoyed the article, Wimpy.

dive said...

Great article, Robyn. You seem to have struck a chord with your readers, too.
Bullting is a perennial problem and needs to be kept at the forefront of parents' minds, though I seem to remember you threatening to punch me on the arm in London. Hee hee.

And what an awesome photo of Tiger in your horn case!
Have a fun weekend watching Eustacia and the cats play together.

dive said...

I'm gonna hit my typist.

Maria said...

GREAT article. I publish in a small town rag too and they are fantastic, aren't they? Plus, I really think the writing is superb in most small town newspapers.

Nice kitty cat...

lynn said...

The cats are just a euphemism, Robyn. It's you she needs, rest assured. Have a great time!

Thanks for your comment about the new painting, it's fun to be making marks again.