Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mommy's Day Out

Daughter No. 1 and I have been playing backgammon lately when we are together, and when I get all my pieces in my corner of the board, I say "Mommy's home." We think it's funny. Well, Mommy has gone to the city for the day. No. 1 lives in Columbus where she goes to school, and since she has finished for the summer, I spent yesterday visiting her.

First, we drove to German Village, an old section of town that consists of narrow brick streets and old houses and shops and galleries. We had lunch here:

I had a sausage sandwich with German potato salad, and we were both grateful we didn't work there like the poor servers who had to wear dowdy German frocks.

Then we went to the Book Loft, the best book store ever. It's a sprawling shop with 32 rooms on at least three floors. The photo is of the gardenlike entrance where bargain books are kept in good weather. Inside, you walk from room to room in this maze of book shelves, and each room has its own music playing. The garden book room had nature sounds, the craft room had jazz, etc. I bought a huge Bon App├ętit cookbook and The Analects. No. 1 bought a book on backgammon.

Then we went to North Market, a wonderful market place where meat sellers and fish mongers and people with fresh produce and flowers and interesting food are all gathered. We had the best coffee ice cream on the planet and handmade chocolate. I would have bought actual food, but I didn't want a big perch in my car for the two-hour ride home.

The chocolate.

The market.

We ended up back at No. 1's house where we played with her roommate's dog, played backgammon, and looked through our books. It was a lovely day out.


dive said...

Hee hee. I noticed how mommy managed to squeeze herself into the first photo! Daughter number 1 looks as beautiful as ever, even disguised as a hausfrau. And those chocolates look so yummy!
What a wonderful day out.

Rich said...

Sounds like "Mommy" had a nice time.

I can't wait till my son invites me to NYC for a Daddy's day out.

Mrs. G. said...

This looks and sounds like a wonderful day-of course I have to comment on the beautiful chocolate.

Gina said...

Sounds lovely!

And wait, was that sausage house where John McCain was not all that long ago?

And handmade chocolate, mmmmmm.....

Scout said...

Dive, I had no idea my image was buried in that photo until I posted it. hee hee

Rich, NY is superior to Columbus in so many ways, but the point is to visit with your kid.

Mrs. G, the chocolate were incredible, all handmade and sold by a tiny Italian woman.

Gina, yes! McCain had been there, but I didn't realize that until I walked in and saw his photos shaking hands with the owner. Funny.

Alifan said...

Robyn what a lovely day out, so pleased you had such a good time, and it looks great, would not have got Dive away from the book shop!!!!!