Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photo Distraction

Today is last-minute-shopping-day for Eustacia. She's got all the big stuff like beddings and quite a few of the smaller things like extension chords and tissues, but she needs some other stuff like shampoo and crayons, or maybe pens would be more appropriate. While we shop and pack up the goods—the kid could fill a Goodwill store with her clothes alone, it seems, at least when I try to lift up one of those storage boxes—you can look at some photos from our visit to the lake last weekend.

There is a great restaurant at a nearby marina, so we took the boat there for dinner on Friday and then relaxed at the house for part of the next day. I had a band concert Saturday night, so I couldn't hang around for too long.

Here is No. 2 on the way back to the house.

Boat froth.

The setting sun.

This little guy followed us for at least five minutes. I thought he would land at one point,
but he got distracted and went to bother someone else.


lotto 649 results said...

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dive said...

Eustacia looks great with the sun balanced on top of her head like that, Robyn. An excellent photo!, nicely composed.
And your boat gives great spume!
That lake makes my local Broad look decidedly parochial. Hey ho

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Lovely way to capture good memories.

Rich said...

How many people does that boat sleep?

Scout said...

lotto, whoever you are, you have no idea.

Dive,Spume? Is that what it's called?

Cheri, I'm new to picture taking, actually.

Rich, it simply a pontoon boat that holds 8 people or so, not meant for sleeping.