Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank God for Gene Kelly

We delivered Eustacia to her college dorm on Saturday, and let me tell you—that was no fun at all. She'll be fine, but her poor mother feels as though she's missing a limb. Is this a phantom pain I'm feeling? It must be.

Sunday afternoon, No. 1 went back to her school in Columbus, and husband left for a three-day business trip. I had such big plans to clean out Eustacia's room and get it organized and vacuum in corners that haven't been cleaned in years—if you have ever seen her room, you know what a big undertaking this all would be—but when I found I was the only person in the house, that was the last room I wanted to be in.

I kept busy with other tasks instead...laundry, some sewing, a quick trip to the store for salmon and raspberries, and skimming the leaves and bugs from the pool. While I was puttering around, Turner Classic Movies was devoting the day to Gene Kelly, and the string of his great musicals kept me sufficiently distracted.

I started with An American In Paris. Next up was On the Town. Finally, Singin' In The Rain, my all-time favorite. Just think. They could have devoted the day to a cow like Joan Crawford, and I would have had to drown my sorrows in ice cream instead of fun movies. Wait, I did that anyway.

Today, they are playing the movies of Jack Palance. Ho hum. I don't like day-time TV very much, so maybe it's time to turn the stupid contraption off and crank up the old hi-fi and listen to something fun. Susie Q comes to mind, or maybe I should just stick with what works:


Rich said...

That photo of Gene Kelly is rather symbolic of your missing limb, Robyn. I see you singing through the rain of tears that are being shed (rightfully so)

Just me playing Dr. Frued again.

I'm in for the unexpected reaction myself, soon.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I felt like someone took a chunk out of my chest each time a kid left for college. It still feels like two chunks are gone, but I know it is supposed to feel that way.

Singing in the Rain. Perfect metaphor.

dive said...

Jack Palance?
Hee hee hee. Time for some more ice cream, Robyn.
Be brave for Eustacia's sake. She's going through the most exciting time of her young life right now; as happy as you are sad.
But when the tears need to come, let 'em come. They're a necessary release.
Of course I don't know what you're going through, being a non-breeder, but I know I hate it when my favourite blog-neighbour is feeling down.
Stick Gene Kelly on repeat play.

Scout said...

Rich and Cheri, how smart of you to think this is a metaphor. Honestly, though, I wasn't thinking that deeply. This song and scene just make me happy.

Dive, Jack Palance isn't so bad, it turns out. And she is having fun and meeting people already.

Anonymous said...

As I was considering how woefully poorly I've done on my diet today, I returned to your blog. I feel your pain, Robyn, because I so remember the emptiness. How 'bout we talk. I'll bring the Swedish Fish and peach ice cream.

Maria said...

I think you are doing wonderfully. I would probably be laying in my bed bawling and giving myself a bad headache....

And Singing in the Rain is a great way to drown your sorrows.

Alifan said...

What can I say instead of words ....sending lots of cyber hugs for you to wrap yourself in. xxxx