Friday, August 15, 2008

Things to Know

I was out doing a little shopping yesterday for things like a French press coffee maker so the guy who gave me a hard time for drinking coffee from a drip maker can shut up. I also had Eustacia's trumpet cleaned, and the shop owner said it was the filthiest trumpet he has seen in 35 years, and how did my kid ever make noise with it. Then I bought a few little things Eustacia might enjoy in an initial care package of sorts.

I picked up a fun umbrella, a striped tin full of colored pencils, highlighters shaped like cats, a water bottle, Jelly Bellies, and a sewing kit. Then I bought a book entitled 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know. Here are some of the important things:

You need to know...

•it doesn't matter if you were popular, a Goth, a geek, or a cheerleader in high school. You're now a freshman.

•you're moving into a dorm built fifty years ago, not a condo built last week.

•what the word moderation means...and exercise it.

•college isn't about finding love. College is about job opportunities (I'd like to add college is about personal development regardless of the job it may lead to).

•a lot of problems get better after a good night's sleep (good for us all to remember).

•to pursue more than a degree. Pursue a purpose.

•your parents will eventually get over your leaving home. So if your mother cries whenever you call, be patient with her (good one).

I hope Eustacia will take the time to read through this book now and then. Feel free to add your advice to this list. Unless you get sweary or gross, I'll forward your wisdom on to her.


dive said...

First up: a belated Happy Second Blog-Birthday for last Friday!
Yaaay for Robyn!
I'm not so sure Eustacia would approve of your trumpeting her dirty trumpet woes to the world, but I have to admit it's pretty funny.
Highlighters shaped like cats? Weird!
You know I'm going to ask in my ignorant English way; what on earth are Jelly Bellies?
Gosh, I wish I'd had your advice when I went to college. For me it was … ahem … sexanddrugsandrockandroll.
No wonder I ended up like I did.
Good luck, Eustacia!

Rich said...

It's also about testing your limits and challenging yourself beyond what you could ever believe. (my opinion)

Shan said...

Boy if only my mother had included this book in MY parting gift basket (and then read it aloud to me on the way there-yuk yuk.)
I started out thinking college was about finding love, so I did that first thing. Everything else got a little blurry after that. After the first two years of first love dissolved, I continued to work on my minor which was quality friend making. The academic part went far far away as I also spent most of college in a coma-like hyperglycemic state eating unlimited carbs until I'd have to lay on the floor in corpse pose to recover.
I feel certain Eustacia will have much more sense about her than I did and I know she will gain character and wisdom all along the way; especially if she remembers the "exercise moderation" advice when it comes to enjoyment AND even seriousness at times too. ;)

Shan said...

Oh yes! And happy blog b-day to you too Robyn. I didn't realize we celebrated these types of occasions, but it only makes sense. I have so enjoyed finding you and slowly getting to know you and yours through your wonderfully written posties! I always enjoy it when clever and interesting people share their minds, and I can access this infotainment at the touch of a mouse click! Amazing times. :)

lynn said...

Great book, i'm sure. Good luck Eustacia! Be patient to indulge Mum when she asks what you've been doing, are you comfortable, do you have enough food/money, are you enjoying it, how your studies are going, are you well, are you eating, are you remembering to drink water (hydration easily forgotten), - she NEEDS to know these things, take it from me.

oh and one last thing i always end phone calls with to my two boys who are at uni -
Ring me anytime you like, for whatever reason, day or middle of night, really anytime you're feeling worried, confused, or just want to chat! three in the morning is fine.

I mean it too. lol.

Good luck Eustacia! Great times ahead. Be careful, safe, learn loads and have fun doing it.

savannah said...

what a great post, sugar! i remember the first going away package we gave each of ours...a compass to find the way home, a globe to keep everything in perspective and a notebook with family phone numbers, birthdays and other bits of family trivia that always made them laugh. you've done a great job with yours, sugar! xoxo

and happy blog birthday!

Shazza said...

HA...what a fun book! I wish I had that when the son went to college...although I don't know if any boys would actually read it.

Hang in there Mom!!!

PF said...

What a great post, Robyn. I'm constantly telling my Cedarville peeps to get sleep, take their vitamins, and drink water!! Oh, and saying their prayers is a big one too :) We will miss Eustacia as well.
I loved Lynn and Savannah's posts! Wonderful!

Shannon & Paul said...

Go, get 'em, E! Hope you packed your Magic Bullet and Zoo Tycoon {I'm clearly stuck back in '03}. Try something new that might seem uncomfortable and don't be afraid to talk to everybody. The world's your candy dish... Rob, we watched Mockingbird last night and kept thinking of you.