Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baseball, the National Anthem, and Singing

We went to an Indians game in Cleveland last night because Eustacia's marching band performed the national anthem. We had decent seats, so while we couldn't see her playing, we did see her marching in.

We used to go to games quite often, especially the year when we had season tickets. I think this was our first game of the year and probably the last, so it was nice of the Indians to win for the occasion.

We have been at this stadium during horrendous lightning storms (when husband was on metal crutches) and during insect attacks from some kind of bug that swarms around Lake Erie in September and during blazing heat. Last night was just lovely and cool with the perfect sort of breeze.

Here is the crowd singing during the seventh-inning stretch. My camera filled up before the song ended, but you know how it goes.


dive said...

Hoorah for the Baldwin-Wallace College Marching Yellow Jackets!
And yay for the Indians, too!
It sounds like a lovely evening out, Robyn. I'll have to wait until I get home to watch the video, though.
You must have been so proud when Eustacia marched out on to that field.

Ms Mac said...

Oooh! I've been there! How lovely.

There weren't nearly as many people there the night I went to see the Indians play but ever since then, Indians have been my team.

Go Tribe!

dive said...

I just got home and checked the vid, Robyn.
Boy, that's weird. That cheesy organ? It sounds like a drunken night down the pub. Jolly good fun but a little odd.

Rich said...

Thanks for sharing this, Robyn. I remember seeing the bugs at that stadium while I was watching a Red Sox - Indians game on TV.

Good for your daughter to have played the NA at a game. I got to play it at a Red Sox game when I was 13with my band.

Rich said...

oh BTW, there's a lot of empty seets in that stadium.

And if the band is called "yellow Jackets" where are the...yellow jackets?

Scout said...

Dive, you don't know a real sing-along until you are part of the seventh-inning stretch at a major-league baseball stadium. It's pure joy.

Ms. Mac, I thought of you when I was snapping the picture of the score board. It may not show up in my photo, but Grady Sizemore is the man at bat there.

Rich, I was telling No. 1 that those kids would remember that experience and tell their kids about it decades later. I got to play the half-time at a Packers game in Milwaukee. And there are a lot of empty seats because the Indians have not had a very good season over all.

Alifan said...

Nice post Robyn....looks like you had a good time and so proud of E as you should be... xx

RoverHaus said...

Don't hate me for it...I've only been to one baseball game in my life and I didn't really get it. I wanted to.

But when Eustacia is in it, I could see the draw.