Monday, September 22, 2008

Here She Is

...the 1650s beauty. Honestly, this may not look much like clothing of the time period, but it's the closest I could get. Quite a few paintings from that era show massive sleeves that could shelter a ground hog for the winter, but some were more tailored. We'll go with tailored for our story.

The dress is made of satin with lace, and a friend with a vintage goods shop will loan me a big broach to hold the lace collar in place. I'm not sure of the model's size, but if this doesn't fit, it will be too large and not too small. We'll just clamp it in the back and angle her in such a way that it shouldn't matter too much.

As Lynn has requested, I'll display a few book covers this week. In the past, the covers I have created for romance books have not included models because the hook was the location, not the main character. Here is a cover for historical stories that all take place in Oklahoma.

And here is a cover for contemporary stories that all take place in Connecticut during the Christmas season.

And here is a collection of historical stories that all take place in Maine.


Sister # 1 said...

I cannot believe you finished that dress so quickly! It is lovely.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You finished that already?

WOW! It is fantastic.

PF said...

Beautiful, Robyn! I see Mike is curious and checking out the dress too :)

dive said...

Wowee, Robyn! You are so clever.
How on earth did you manage to make it so quickly?
And did you sew catnip into the hem for Mike? Hee hee. He looks so cute.

I love the idea of clamping it at the back for the shoot. Hee hee.

Your book covers are wonderful! Just how many talents do you HAVE, you horn playing, painting, stitching, knitting, girl-raising, cooking, writer, you?
I love the swirl coming out of the cloud on the second one, just like a snow flurry. Lovely.

Shan said...

Gooood Grrrrief Robyn! I don't get it. You sound so calm when you write but in actuality I suspect you are whirling around your house Taz devil style! Do you ever just collapse?
Great dress! And the last cover is my fave. As you know I see a few of these round my house as well. I love it when J gets book cover side jobs. They are my favorites. You artists are something else, I tell ya!

Hmmmm....that's it! I need to get Jamey sewing clothes for me! heh heh heh

Shazza said...

Holy Quacamole Robyn! That is just incredible and beautiful and WOW!!

I'm with many other talents to you have.


Mrs. G. said...

I love it!!!!

savannah said...

you JUST mentioned you were going to make the dress, sugar!!! i stand in AWE! (will send email w/details soon) xoxo

Alifan said...

As usual you have amazed me again Robyn, well done such talent.....xx