Monday, September 08, 2008

Movies with No Apology

I watch a lot of movies, and I don't apologize for it. I won't qualify my movie watching with a sentence like "I watch a lot of movies but I try to exercise to balance out all the sitting with my feet up." That would certainly not be true. I also won't say something like "I watch a lot of movies but I try to choose things that are intellectually stimulating or morally sound." That's not really true either. I did walk out after the first fifteen minutes of Tropic Thunder but not because it was offensive. I have as much tolerance for Ben Stiller as I have for Will Farrell and the Three Stooges. Very little. And I also won't say "I watch a lot of movies but I read a lot to counteract the slow-down my brain experiences when I sit motionless in front of a flashing screen." I'm ashamed to say I don't read nearly as much as I should. I won't apologize for it, though.

I used to do movie reviews here to keep some of my favorites alive amidst the hoopla of newer films, but I haven't written one in a long time. Here, I think I'll just list some of the movies I have watched lately with a one-sentence review, purely subjective.

Smart People, from the producer of Sideways starring Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Page, and Thomas Haden Church. My opinion—a clever and attention-holding comedy despite Dennis Quaid in the lead (not a fan).

The Passion of Ayn Rand starring Helen Mirren and Eric Stotz. My opinion—whether this is truth or fiction, the film spent way too much time on the sexual relationship between the odd pairing of Ayn Rand and her protege Nathaniel Branden and not nearly enough time with the philosophy they argued and taught, by far the more interesting aspect.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. My opinion—a refreshingly smart comedy starring Frances McDormand who is always masterful, so masterful I'll watch anything she's in regardless of the plot or genre.

King of California with Michael Douglas. My opinion—a quirky little film that made me want to throw my arms up at conventional society and go hunting for buried treasure.

So, put your feet up and watch all the movies you want. You won't owe anyone an apology for it afterwards, and you really won't rot your brain, unless you stick with Ben Stiller. Just my opinion.


Rich said...

Too bad you walked out on Tropic Thunder - You missed the Tom Cruise dance scene.

Mrs. G. said...

I really liked Smart People-I watched it last week.

dive said...

Ben Stiller was okay(ish) in Mystery Men, but then he was playing opposite the brilliant William H. Macy who can make anyone look decent.
And I am with you all the way on Frances McDormand.
The last movie I watched was London To Brighton, which scared the crap out of me. I may well have to watch Young Frankenstein again to balance things up.

Shan said...

I love your lack of apology-HA! You don't have to apologize because of all the cooking and clever crafting you do! I am SOO embarrassed to be caught watching a movie while the kids are at school because I don't tend to use all of the other time very wisely. heehee

Love Frances McDormand as well. In fact, I would like to be like her and play those types of character roles (in my husbands movies especially ;). In Miss Petigrew, I could easily play the dingbat role but I don't quite have the hotness for those. titter titter

The other actress I'm a little envious of is Kate Blanchette. She is so versatile.

I actually really like Will Farrell too but some of those types of movies get too crass, even too goofy for me.

Smart people will be right up my alley. Looking forward to that one.

Anonymous said...

Movies are offensive to Muslims.

plainjane said...

Robyn...Kudos for your non-apologetic perspective on movie viewing. When we first got the high def addition, we had a free Sundance weekend. It was pure bliss!! I particularly remember Muriel's Wedding and think everyone should see it at least once!