Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Since You Asked Part 2

Most of the graphics work I do is for book cover, but sometimes I do business cards (what you saw yesterday), and sometimes I do T-shirts. Here are few.

This was for a local screen printing business that wanted to offer some inspirational shirts related to coffee. Honestly, I don't remember if they went for these. I'm thinking they chose the first one.

These next two were for the local high school steel drum band. The orange one was the original a few years ago, and the green one was made using a photo Eustacia took of the top of a steel drum.

This last one was done for the daughter of a friend. The girl is a champion stock car racer, and this panther was panted on the side of her car.

And just for something different, here is one of my logos on the tail of an airplane.


dive said...

Cool, Robyn! These are all wonderful. You have more talents than the rest of Blogville's residents put together!

Shan said...

This is all wonderful Robyn! You were created to create! :D

Rich said...

These are all nice but you know I would have to favor the coffee shirts. How much for the two of them?

Mrs. G. said...

I think you need to be selling blog tshirts.