Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, Since You Asked

At least one of you has, anyway. Lynn asked me to show some book covers I have designed. I did that yesterday, so today you can see some of the business cards I have designed for friends and family. Some of these businesses aren't operating anymore, so don't bother calling.

We'll start with a local floral designer. This woman is still working but under a different business name and in a different location.

This is a card I did for my sister's floral design business. I removed the phone number because I'm not sure she's looking for more business and might be surprised by out-of-state calls.

Here are two options I gave my niece the music teacher. She chose the green one because the other one suggested she only teaches small children. She's right, but I still like the design. The green option is printed with black ink on a sage green cotton card stock.

And this was for a woman I know who was hoping to launch a jewelry-making business. It never took off, and now she has moved out of town. I am hanging on to this design in case it comes in handy later.


dive said...

I just love the furtive looking sunflower seller on your sister's card, Robyn.
The green one with the woodcut is fantastic, too.
In fact they all are, but those two are my particular favourites.
Splendid stuff!

Sister # 1 said...

I just love my card too! It is getting rave reviews all over town. Plus, Robyn was kind enough to send me the components of it so I could make my own businness stationery and invoices. It is actually more of a glorified hobby than a business.

Alifan said...

Wow Robyn pity I did not have you do some celebration cake cards when I used to advertise....

Getting a bit old to take on anything more than I have nowadays.word of mouth seem to be enough.... but as usual you are so good at anything you do, it is a pleasure to know you...xxx