Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Diversion

I have stories to tell and rants to unleash, but since it's Friday, I believe I'll just give you this to enjoy—Fred Astaire in Love


PF said...

Hmmm...don't know what to make of your silence. :)

dive said...

I love these little diversions, Robyn, but you always post them on a day I'm stuck in the office and can't get video.
Hey ho.
Roll on home-time.

Rich said...

Have you ever layed on the floor staring at the ceiling and wondered what it would be like to walk on it?

YOU have rants?

Scout said...

PF, sometimes it's better to watch Fred dance then to spell out a few paragraphs.

Dive, maybe I should consider diversions on a different day of the week.

Rich, actually, I HAVE laid on the floor starting at the ceiling and wondering what it would be like to walk on it. Weird, huh? And I have plenty of ranting to do.

Shan said...

Oh dear. Just let us have it Robyn. Actually, I can't rant my thoughts on my blog because all the people(or things) I want to blog about are reading it or would make me seem hideous!!! The blog is not always the complaint department is it? Maybe the weekend will straighten things out a bit for you. :]

Scout said...

Hey, Shan. It's OK. I'm not in a pickle or anything. I just meant I could rant about stuff if I felt like, not that there's a specific problem.

savannah said...

perfect for today, sugar! i'm taking a mini break from my life, so fred astaire is absolutely delish! xoxo