Thursday, October 02, 2008

It All Starts With One Thing

I have a cake in my kitchen, and it all started with a book cover. It went like this—I volunteered some time to provide book cover graphics for a non-profit organization that sells books to small stores in Nigeria. Their founder went to Nigeria to visit these stores and brought back a ton of beautiful beads for me. I made some earrings with these beads. My neighbor liked them, so I gave her two pair. In exchange, she baked a pound cake that rivals any Sarah Lee you could buy (she'll know what that means).

The Salvation Army is getting a small donation to one of their posts in California. It went like this—I like/love/need to write, so I wrote an article for my local newspaper about the need for us to volunteer. A man in California read it and asked if I would help an elderly man by gathering local nuts for him to give to friends. I gathered a box full of nuts and shipped them after finding them on property owned by the Salvation Army. I shipped them out, and now the man in California has agreed to making a donation instead of paying the shipping cost.

Bartering should become the new currency, especially since currency is getting scarce. Every one of us has something we can give to someone else even if we get nothing back in return. But imagine if we did get something back in return like a cake or a donation to charity? I doubt we could pay our heating bills or fuel our cars or pay our taxes through bartering, but given the current economic situation, I'm inclined to revert to this timeless way of exchange.

What can you give? Would you exchange it for a pair of earrings?


dive said...

Hoorah for barter economy.
We'll make an Anarchist of you yet, Robyn.
There are several large organisations deicated to bartering goods. Look them up on the web and enjoy.

Ousizch said...

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Rich said...

I really like the barter concept a lot, Robyn. Sometimes in a marriage we have to barter to get what we want/need as well.
So the possibilities are endless.

I have a pair of womans shoes in a mens size 10 that I no longer wear - any takers - dive?

dive said...

Hee hee. One size too small I'm afraid, Rich, but thanks for the offer.

Alifan said...

I will exchange your lovely comment on my blog Robyn to say thank you and I certainly would exchange it for half of your talent.....!!!!!!you are great..

I make cakes for the Zipper Club (they support Papworth hospital)the zip in case one does not know is anyone who has had a heart operation and the scar is like a zip!!!my thanks to them for giving us John for 6 extra years....does that count?

lynn said...

Really, Dive? I'd like to see those sites.

When I was ill, several neighbours really helped a lot. I am unable, having lost loads of earnings whilst ill, to buy them presents so I've baked them all cakes.

Bartering really is a good idea. Another neighbour buys The Guardian newspaper every weekday. It came up in conversation that I only buy the weekend one. Now, we post in our papers through the door the following day! Fun. What else could we do I wonder? I'd certainly like those earrings! lol.