Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet My Nephew-In-Law

This is my nephew-in-law Dominick Washington, married to my niece Summer. As you can see, Dominick is standing with Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama was campaigning on behalf of her husband in Minnisota. Dominick is the political director of Obama's campaign in that state, so it fell to him to introduce Mrs. Obama at various gatherings.

While the larger family is politically split, it's safe to say everyone is proud of Dominick's position in Obama's campaign.


dive said...

Wow, Robyn, that is so cool!
Hoorah for Dominick!
Everyone over here is hoping for an Obama victory.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I just fainted.

dive said...

Plus of course, Dominick is as handsome as he is dapper.

We had a poll here in the press this week and over seventy percent of Brits want Obama; most of the rest are "don't knows" or members of the extreme right BNP.

Mrs. G. said...

Well, I sure would be proud. He looks so shiny and handsome.

Rich said...

Nice to meet Dominick, Robyn. MAybe we'll see more of him in the public eye in the future.

lynn said...

Yes, congratulations to nephew-in-law on this position.

I haven't seen the survey that Dive has, all I know is that most people I've spoken to DEFinitely don't want the remotest possibility of Sarah Palin.

MmeBenaut said...

Bravo for Dominick. He's destined for great things. Interesting that your niece's name is Summer. That's my little granddaughter's name!!

Shan said...

Whoa! So THAT's why you're voting Obama. Just kidding. Boy it would be fun to get all the inside scoop at the family reunion! He's probably sworn to secrecy or something though. That IS quite an accomplishment for Dominick. You all must be quite proud.