Friday, October 31, 2008

Poll of Polls

Everybody has a poll going these days, all feverishly trying to predict the next president. keeps track of all of them and averages the results so you don't have to look through the entire list if you haven't got the stomach for it.

Some of the more interesting polls involve more than people being asked simple questions. Car washes around the country—the ones with more than one stall, at least–have been dividing up their customers by designating one stall for McCain and one for Obama. Some customers will wait in line for an hour to keep from having to drive through the wrong stall. Customers in one Wisconsin car wash have been favoring Obama, but the majority of customers of one in Pennsylvania have been voting for McCain.

There is a bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio called Busken Bakery that has been decorating cookies with the images of competing presidential hopefuls for years, and they keep tallies of the number of each cookie they sell. Their cookie poll has successfully predicted the president for the last six elections, and according to their cookie sales this time around, Obama is winning nearly two to one. You can order these cookies on line, but if you order a whole case, say, hoping to throw off the count, your order will not be included in the poll. (

I don't take my car to the car wash very often, and I rarely buy cookies except the occasional package of Oreos, so I couldn't participate in these polls even if they were held in Small Town. Maybe we can come up with another idea here. I wonder what the results would be if My Favorite Place for Joe started declaring an order for black coffee as a vote for Obama and coffee with cream as a vote for McCain. Judging by some of the grumbling I hear from the old guys who hang out there, the place would go through a lot of cream in the next few days.

Of course, the cups serving Obama coffee would have to be blue, while the McCain cups would have to be red. Even though the color association with political parties has fluctuated over the years—in 1980, Reagan was blue and Carter was red—we seem to have settled into the current color code.

Busken's cookies are republican red and democratic blue so there is no confusion as to who you're voting for. I suspect people are partisan when they place an order and rarely ask for one of each cookie. What would happen if they did, I wonder? The colors would mix to make purple when they ate their cookies, and then the choice wouldn't be so clear.

Well, you know what they say. It all goes to the same place anyway. Despite our rancor and name calling and what often looks like a black-and-white approach to the way our country should be run, we're really bipartisan when it comes down to it. We may be fierce about our politics as if our very lives depend on it, but when the last poll is taken, we all come together when it counts and live and work and vote side by side, not red states and blue states but these states united.


dive said...

It always tickles me (as a socialist) that the republicans should choose good old socialist red.
"Reds under the bed" and "better dead than red" are fun turned on their head.

Sad little man said...

Well put, Robyn. There's a public restroom here in Boston that is only let Obama voters in to use it. Geesh!!!

Shazza said...

"Sweet" idea!

savannah said...

out in lalaland, my son found anther poll of sorts. anyway, he posted a photo, but here's what he wrote:
If you look closely, you'll see that this is a photo of Jones Cola bottles bearing McCain's image. Jones makes really good soda that has a lot less weird shit in it than the big soda companies. It's still not good for you but less so than a Coke. Anyway, they made Obama soda and McCain soda and sold them in mixed four packs. This photo was taken downtown at Pitfire Pizza and the checker told us that when people realized the soda packs were mixed they would walk back in and swap out the McCain bottles. Pitfire now has nothing but McCain bottles and no one, and I do mean no one, is buying them.